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Kate Chopin Story Of An Story Of An Hour

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Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour”

After standing at the door for a couple of seconds everyone left standing in the house Josephine, Richards, the doctors, and Brently Mallard all looked over the dead body of Mrs. Mallard.
They were staring at her grey hair, wrinkly looking skin, and there was a light scent of death coming off her body they all could smell. After a few minutes Brently Mallard began crying and said, “I never wanted anything like this to happen to my wife and it is your fault Richards for making her assume I was dead.” Brently and Richards were staring at each other with Brently’s face full anger. Before Richards could form words on his lips to explain himself there was a loud smack. It echoed through the whole house, this was the sound of Brently’s hand going across Richards face. Richards began putting his fists in the air to fight Brently Mallard. ...view middle of the document...

When they had finished it, the doctor decided it would be best to take Mrs. Mallard to the hospital. Brently said that he would go outside and get the transportation ready and him and Richards would load up the body. Brently went back outside and Josephine and Richards started hugging each other, to ease the pain of the death that just happened. Then they started to hear Brently cursing outside and they looked at each other confused. Brently came back in the house and explained that he had a broken wheel on the transportation, and no spare. All of this just added to the problems they were already facing.
They were in luck, the doctor was there with transportation and they were able to transport the body that way.
Once they were all at the hospital Brently Mallard said that “my wife will have the best funeral I can give.” Nobody in the hospital liked the fact that they were just in the presence of a dead body, but they could tell on each others faces, that they would never forget what happened.
The doctor explained that she would remain at the hospital until the time of the funeral. Brently Mallard thanked the doctor for the help and left the hospital on foot with Josephine and Richards. By that time it was the next morning, and they decide to stop at the local diner for breakfast. They all sat down and had orange juice to drink. Brently and Richards ordered French toast, with eggs, and bacon, Josephine just ordered grits with cheese. While they were enjoying the breakfast, they all gave stories about how they enjoyed spending time with Mrs. Mallard. Brently’s story was about the first time they met each other, and he said “I could not keep my eyes off her because she was so pretty.” He explained that when he went up and told that, they began dating, and ended up married a little while later. After the story, they left the diner, and did not see each other again until the funeral. It was a nice funeral, and every year they visit Mrs. Mallard’s grave together.

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