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Kate Chopin's The Storm Setting Analysis

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Discuss Chopin’s use of setting to convey the incident in “The Storm”

Kate Chopin manages to write about how women were at that time subdued by the expectations of the people around them and the society at large. In “The Storm” Kate Chopin gives the readers an insight to how governing and restraining marriage could be for a woman. Although she brings in the theme of gender inequality being faced by the women, “The Storm” shows the temptations that come along as part of the flaws of marriage for a woman who has had the emotional side, flare for life and sexual feelings all bottled up and kept away like a treasure waiting to be found.
“The Storm” starts with the introduction of a moody ...view middle of the document...

The sudden lightning strike gives way to the climax of the play as Calixta who was at that time watching the activities of the storm at the window staggers backwards into the arms of Alcee who embraces her , sparking the flames in each other. At one point she confesses to herself the feeling of the old-time infatuation and desire for flesh over her body after coming in contact with Alcee’s.
Not only does Alcee have his fair share of this swooning effect, but also does he fail to realize his failure at keeping his moral standards as a man who is also married with children,

“Her lips were as red and moist as pomegranate seed. Her white neck and a glimpse of her full, firm bosom disturbed him powerfully. As she glanced up at him the fear in her liquid blue eyes had given place to a drowsy gleam that unconsciously betrayed a sensuous desire. He looked down into her eyes and there was nothing for him to do but to gather her lips in a kiss" (p. 152, Lynch and Rampton)

Just like the storm rages on outside, the passion between both characters strengthens inside. Both characters take their time to yield to the foreign feeling, a respite from the laws of their marriages which they have been accustomed to and have held them back from exploring the pleasures of

sexual activities. They both enjoy their short moment of passion while it last, and like the passing of the storm, they both bring their play to an end.
Though it’s not everyone that gains from the storm, Bobinot and Bibi who are away in a store, held back by the storm, have no clue of what has transpired between their wife, mother and another man at home. Bobinot who is unsuspecting of anything believes everything is okay...

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