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Left vs. Right Brain
Diana Webb
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Left vs. Right Brain
The brain is above and marvelous to all other organs. It does not just controls the human thought's, but it also controls the entire human body as a whole. The brain is divided into two sections left and right hemisphere that controls different functions like thinking, physical movement, and controls all organs. The left and right hemisphere is made with approximately 100 billion cells ( Johnson n.d.). Reason is so important is because it sends out information to the organs, it initiates bodily movement, it controls and holds memory.
Hemispheres and Corpus Collusum
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The neural tissues are what helps the left and right hemisphere communicate. The neuron sergeants separated the two half's of the brain and cut through the corpus collusum.
Functions of Right and Left Hemisphere
The function of the left and right hemisphere directs the overall body function, direction and the body behavior. The top of the brain is known as the performance and mental function of the entire brain. The brain has storage of short term and long term memory. The left and right hemisphere work together to stores new information and the other replaces the information in a matter of seconds, unless the old information moves to the long term memory also known as procedural memory.
The frontal lobes of the brain are positioned right behind of the forehead. The frontal lobes have a left lobe and right lobe. Other functions that the frontal lobes have the function of making decisions. It controls all facial expressions and is the function of the thinking process.
Maturity Levels of the Brain
Throughout history, there has been many tests of maturity. Studies indicate that the brain structure changes throughout the indolence and life course of a person. Throughout the indolence, the brain thickens around the cortical areas. At the first years of a Childs life is the most critical. If the development is not utilized, the brain will not retain the information and it will not be regained. At the age of 3 the brain becomes as active as an adult brain (Gurian n.d.).
At age eleven girls, gray matter peaks faster than boys at age twelve. Scientist has now demonstrated that adolescents are immature not just by the way they act but by the fibers of their brain. Resent finding have showed that the human brain does not reach full maturity until the age of twenty. As an adult, the only ability that the brain has is plasticity the brain adapts in responding to new experiences. The adult brain does not ever stop learning, it always builds new pathways. As a person ages, the brain changed dramatically such as structure and the function across the entire brain. The elderly brain changes the attention and the starts having memory loss (Gurian n.d.). Many elderly people complain of temporary failure of concentrating as they age. Elderly people are usually more at risk for common diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Cerebrovascular disease and Parkinson's disease.
Different Test
Scientist started different ways to study the brain and functions. They started off by...

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