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Kardashians Essay

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Noah Demeke
Professor Anderson
English 60 11:45 am TR
13 November 2014
Family Influence
Over the expansion of television series, reality television in general has been perceived by the media as unethical due to the fact that reality television has a reputation of embellishing what is being seen and having a negative influence among its viewers. In the hit reality television show Keeping up with the Kardashians, features household name, Kim Kardashian, and her blended family. The show portrays the everyday life of a family who have been notorious for being the attention among the public eye. Although members of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are in the media limelight for all the ...view middle of the document...

The actions that Kim and her sister demonstrate throughout the course of the show leaves the audience feeling better about their own family matters due to the fact that this well-known family has serious problems. Viewers at home get the opportunity to witness these families’ troubles and escape their own problems for a limited time.
Even with the scrutiny the Kardashians face on a daily basis, viewers tend to respect the family and realize that the family has a strong bond, even with all their personal problems emphasized by the media. The Kardashians have been victims of leaked sex tapes, arrested for driving under the influence, and leaked photos, yet the Kardashian embrace the negative media and created an unbreakable family unit. With divorce rates becoming an increasing percentage and families being split, the Kardashians remain to have an unconditional type of love for one another and preach family over everything (Lai). One direct episode, Kim’s sex tape was leaked and accessible to the public. With articles accusing Kim of being “trashy and unprofessional,” Kim’s family came to her defense against negative publicity (O’Toole). With the negative attention they had retrieved, the family managed to make their negative attention irrelevant and created a positive outcome by land their own television show Keeping up with the Kardashian later that year in 2007 (O’Toole). The members of the Kardashian family display a connection on affection for one another that has become increasingly foreign to a reality television audience (Lai). Viewers tend to acknowledge the fact that throughout each episodes the Kardashians are faced with major adversity as a family and continue to make their negative press work into their favor.
The Kardashians are known for walking with pride and having high self-confidence. Even though in today’s day in age, society is obsessed with a thin culture environment. Society claims beauty lays on the weight scale, yet the Kardashians have embraced and rejuvenated the curvaceous body type, happy and confident in their own skin (Lai). With every other model sharing the same trait of being skinny, the Kardashians have renovated the newest look having a curvy body now perceived by the viewers as beautiful. As the show continues and the Kardashians continue to book countless modeling jobs, viewers appreciate the confidence the Kardashians possess. The audience is contagious to the fact that you don’t have to wear a size one...

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