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K+12 Curriculum Essay

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Introduction When people used the word curriculum, it is usually referring to the content chosen to be taught – the official curriculum. In the K to 12 Basic Education Program of the Department of Education, a new curriculum was designed to develop a learner who possess a healthy mind and body; has a solid moral and spiritual grounding; has essential knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and self-actualization; engages in critical thinking and creative problem solving; contributes to the development of a progressive, just, and humane society; is proud to be a Filipino; and appreciates the beauty around him/her and cares for the environment for a ...view middle of the document...

With this new curriculum, I am anticipating to have a competitive Grade 3 pupil because even handwriting was given emphasis as part of the competencies. As I observed, when I was a grade 6 teacher, almost half of my pupils have a worst kind of penmanship. Even how much I tried to repair and correct their way of writing, they still follow what they were used to. But now, as it is already part of the competencies, improved handwriting from the pupils and improved comprehension levels were one of the good products of the K to 12 programs. In the Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, as I have seen it, the given competencies were suitable for each of the grade level. What only concern me were the materials available for the said competencies to be fully given to the pupils, because in reality right now, we do not have a textbook or a reference book for the character education subject. We teachers used our initiative to look for a book from the different bookstores that would suit to the given competencies under the character education subject. I just hope and pray that this...

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