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Juxtaposition Essay

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The Hope and Despair of Education
For several decades, television and films has delivered both entertainment and information to individuals. Thus, as a society bombarded by the representation and possibly influenced by the media, it is therefore essential to consider the messages rooted in this films or television within the context of popular culture.
The movies Dangerous Minds and Dead Poet Society opens up issues such as identity and stereotyping. Therefore, in this paper I will be looking at the juxtaposed concept of identity and representation using the school films Dangerous minds and Dead Poet Society. Furthermore, I will be using textual analysis as the methodology, ...view middle of the document...

Mr Keating teaches the students to be creative, there by bringing out the uniqueness of the students, despite the fact that most of these kids already have their lives planned for them by their parents. Mr Keating, used the critical thinking approach in teaching the student. He made the students think outside the box. Meanwhile, the Dangerous mind film tells a story about how the character LouAnne get her first teaching job in a inner-city school in northern California after working as a marine for nine years. LouAnne is faced with students who are mainly minorities from working poor families, with no seeming concern in education. Thus, seemingly absorbed in their social position, the students appear to lack self-confidence in their ability to be more than they are because of the circumstances surrounding their birth and this poses a challenge to LouAnne being able to teach the class.
LouAnne uses karate as an introductory method of teaching the students because she believed this method would make the students pay attention to her. However, the students returned back to their former behaviour of being noisy in class when LouAnne tries to teach the curriculum again. Though, I liked the fact that both Mr Keating and LouAnne used a different teaching techniques contrary to the status quo. I personally, found the LouAnne approach gruesome because I felt like the karate approach simply justifies how the mass media portrays African Americans and Latinos as being violent by nature. I am not saying that I totally disagree with LouAnne’s teaching technique but I believe that teaching methods used by teachers in schools should not portray what we as individuals creates as popular culture and uses the mass media as a tool to enforce.
The first theme introduced in Dead poet’s society was that of tradition. This tradition theme was established at the beginning of the film by the showing of the history of the school, the speech given by the principal during the start of a new academic year and also the lightening of candles which represented the light of knowledge. This light of knowledge simply portrayed the fact that the school was a high-class school where students are expected to achieve good results. On the contrary, the tradition presented in Dangerous minds conveyed a tradition of danger to the body and to order. This could be seen on the school school walls having negative words written all over which shows a complete disrespect for rules and also a glimpse of flowers depicting a grave representing violence. The introductory glimpse from the both movies is a clear indication of Representation.
Representation plays a key role in the society. Baldwin (1985) and Hooks (1992) talked about how African Americans and Latinos are being portrayed in the society. According to Hooks, the media portrays what the society wants to see, in other words the society controls the media. For example in movies, when a scene is showed and does not depict...

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