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Juvenile And Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis Paper

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1.  Do you believe that the media plays a role in how families and the community perceive law enforcement after highly energized brutality event between the police and a minority member?   Explain your answer
Yes, the media like any other Television show makes their money when people tune in and watch the broadcast. So how can the media make the story more appealing to the public? They tailor the truth to fit the audience that is tuning in. For example Telemundo, a popular Spanish channel. When dealing with issues of immigration or Border Patrol they paint the Border Patrol as always in the wrong. Any time a Border Patrol agent gets in a shooting and kills a Hispanic member of the community. Telemundo will with holds facts and only puts out facts that will paint the victim as a saint. Why? The majority of people that tune in to Telemundo are Hispanic.
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Now there are more minorities in law enforcement and a lot more training. The second reason is that most people that are jumping to this conclusion are not educated. They do no critical thinking. They allowed themselves to be sucked in the lies and miss information being passed down to them by friends and the news.
 Question pulled from the article "Police Brutality in America" at:
 3.  Should victims of police brutality also share in the blame and punishment, if their actions proved to be a significant part of the problem that led the officer to a more heighten or aggressive manner? Explain your answer
With every altercation there is always two sides to a story. Most of the time the victim of police brutality did something or said something to make the officer react the way he did. What people have to understand that there are victims that do this to get paid. They see this as an easy way to make millions by suing the police department. More often than not if you just do what they tell you to do nothing happens.
 Question pulled from the article "LA Cop blames police brutality on its victim" at:
4.  What do you believe is the cause for a police officer to result in police brutality during a law enforcement situation? Is it the agency dynamics, operations tempo, lack of training, poor leadership, an individuals moral make-up, personal problems, "Us verse them mentality" and or any other problem you recognize?  Explain your answer
As a society we hold police officer in a higher standard. We expect for them to act and do everything in a professional manner. We forget that they are human to and no matter the training mistakes will happen. Most officers at the end of the day like millions of Americans want to make it home safely. When things go bad and an officer decide to cross that line it is all on him and his moral make-up. If someone is screwed up no type of training or leadership will help change him or her.
Question pulled from the article "Causes of Police Brutality" at:

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