Justify Two Significant Social And/Or Political Changes That Occurred As A Result Of The Actions Of One World Leader

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GKE Task 2
Part A:
Justify two significant social and/or political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one world leader.
Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) once said, “My life is my message” (Soomo, 2013). He was a world leader that led by example. In this essay I will give an example of a political and a social change created by Gandhi’s teaching.
To begin with Gandhi’s background, as a young adult in London, he trained as a barrister according to Sohail (2005). Sohail identified that Gandhi soon discovered a disliking for the busy lifestyle, high standard of living, and expense of the city. Even though he only spent a few years in London, it really shaped his simple living ...view middle of the document...

Gandhi encouraged the people of India to practice Satyagraha and make their political points without violence, according to Lal (2012). Gandhi participated in these campaigns by displaying non-cooperation, non-violence, civil disobedience and peaceful resistance against the British. With Gandhi’s support, people rebelled against British rule. Gandhi encouraged people to unite and to leave their religious views out of their political battles, Landmark Media described (1995). This helped the Hindu and Muslim communities have a strong force when rebelling against the British. These teachings of Gandhi have led to peaceful political demonstrations that still exist today in our societies. We see people picketing, forming web sites, mailing flyers, protesting, and engaging in television debates, all of which allow people to voice their political views without violence. Gandhi helped not only the people of India have a political voice but also people all over the world.
The most significant social change that occurred as a result of Gandhi was the simplicity of life. Gandhi didn’t believe he was teaching something new. He believed he was dealing with daily life problems with truth and non-violence, according to Landmark Media (1995). He dedicated himself to help others understand the simple ways to deal with everyday life issues. He practiced and taught his views of a simple life of self-sufficiency. He believed in simplicity with the way he dressed, ate, and lived. He was a humanist who dedicated his life to humanity. He was popular with Hindus as well as Muslim followers, and he believed in religious unity. Because of his political views he boycotted British products. He taught others how to make Khadi and wore these loincloths with pride of his Indian heritage. Even though he had an arranged marriage, he believed people should have the choice of their marriage partners. Sohail described that Gandhi encouraged equality and believed in the emancipation of women (2005). Indian women gained self-confidence and dignity. In modern societies we continue to practice these views, especially the views that include freedom of choice. Americans have the choice of housing, clothing, religious beliefs, food and diet, marriage practices and even burial practices. Gandhi has impacted societies all over the world.

Part B:
Justify two significant social and/or political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one U.S. leader.
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) was known by many as the “Negro Gandhi” according to Sohail (2005, p. 9). King was inspired by Mohandas Gandhi’s philosophies. Sohail described that King was one of the first to practice the teaching of non-violence and civil disobedience to protest for civil rights in the United States.
The first significant change that occurred as a result of King was a social change in the form of equality for all. He led non-violent protests to demand equal rights for all...

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