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Justify A Lie? Essay

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Justify a Lie?
In the one-act play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, John Wright, a citizen of Dixon County, Nebraska is killed in his home and his wife, Minnie Wright is the suspected murderer. The following morning, the County Attorney, the Sheriff Peters and his wife, and The Wright’s neighbor, Lewis Hale and his wife visit the house to look for evidence. The men tell the women to stay in the kitchen to keep out of the way. Little to the men know the answer to their questions is in the kitchen and Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale discover the clues and solve the crime. However, the two women decide not to tell the men in order to protect Minnie. The question that comes to mind is: “Was the ...view middle of the document...

Especially when that person is working for the government.
One may argue that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are defending their fellow woman. I do agree that the men were not treating the women fairly. I am a supporter of women’s rights, myself. But if you imagine what would happen in the story after Glaspell finished writing, are they really helping out the female gender? Suppose someone were to find out about what the two women had done. Not only would Minnie Wright be convicted of the murder, but Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale would be convicted of crimes as well. In the end, three women would be suffering. They would have done nothing but give an example of women not being loyal to their government.
I agree that we need to defend and stand up for what we believe in. But I do not think we need to go as far as endangering ourselves.
Others may say that the women lied to get back at the men for the way they are treated. During this time, circa 1916, men were still the superior gender. For example, Mr. Hale says, “Well, women are used to worrying over trifles.” A few lines later, the County Attorney finds dirty towels and Mrs. Hale defends Minnie saying, “Those towels get dirty awful quick. Men’s hands aren’t always as clean as they might be.” The County Attorney then shoots back with, “Ah, loyal to...

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