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Justified By Faith In Jesus Christ”

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Justified by faith in Jesus Christ”
Gal. 3:23-29
“In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.” [Gal. 3:26]
Synopsis: Apostle Paul in his letter to Galatians is revealing a great fortune, an emphatic exposition of justification
through faith which was kept as mystery to mankind. Until then mankind was shackled in the clutches of law.
Human race was led by law towards justification where no compassion, personal aspect or relational attributes were
present. It’s also worth noting; who else is the best qualified to witness and teach about justification and salvation
through faith than Apostle Paul himself who got justified from Saul to Apostle Paul. Let us direct our muse based on
below three aspects mentioned in verses 23-29.
 Christ The Guardian
 Children Of God
 Convergence Of Subjects
1. Christ The Guardian: We humans are elevated to a noble status. Our lord and savior Jesus Christ is ...view middle of the document...

Here we are seeing the culmination of all the laws in Christ so that there is a righteousness life for
everyone who truly believes and walks in His counsel.
2. Children Of God: Numerous blessing await us as children of God. First and foremost, we achieve peace with
God in our life through the justification we received through faith. We must clearly understand the difference
between right and privilege. The former comes to us by birth from creator being a child; no one takes that right
until death whereas later is conferred upon us which is worldly and revocable any moment. We as heir apparent
of Lords kingdom are entitled to almighty’s immeasurable grace and boundless mercy. This does not mean that
the boundless mercy can be misused for going astray instead it’s important to shape ourselves and find favor of
father in High being sons and daughters. This inheritance provides us uninterrupted and mediator free access to
father God. We are beloved children made carefully and wonderfully to walk with God. There is an amazing
assurance that Lord has a definite plan for us, as revealed through prophet Jeremiah, a plan to prosper and a give
us hope and bright future.
3. Convergence Of Subjects: Though humans are the sublime creation of God we are one among His subjects.
This greater faith brings a level of equality and none in the mankind is kept aside. All are equally eligible for the
greater grace and acceptance. It is the big promise given to father Abraham and through him to his seeds, this
earth will be blessed because of you and me. Let us enjoy and feel safe in the presence of our custodian and
savior Jesus Christ, make us worthy enough to be justified to receive the inheritance in faith and live in
fellowship with mutual respect and care for one another.
Prayer: Heavenly father, help us to grow in faith, cleanse us to live a justified life of righteousness having reverence
to you in high and compassion to fellow beings. Amen
Thought for the Day: “Trust in faith and believe in the assurance given through Calvary.”
Monish K John, Chicago Mar Thoma Church

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