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Justification Report

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Class Pizza Party Justification Report
(Student Name)
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
(Professor Name)
(Correct Date) August 11, 2014

Dr. Annabelle Karnes
Professor of English
Global University
2222 Academic Lane
Riverton, VA 98625

August 11, 2014

Sophia Bailey
3456 Student Drive
Riverton, VA 98625

Dear Dr. Karnes:

I am pleased to present the report you authorized on June 10, 2014, regarding the feasibility of potential pizza options for the upcoming class party.

An analysis of both Pop’s Pizza Planet and Scooby’s Pizza Mansion found that, although both alternatives offered delicious options, Scooby’s Pizza Mansion better met our chosen criteria in cost, ...view middle of the document...

It is therefore recommended that Alternative B, Scooby’s Pizza Mansion, be chosen as the vendor for the class pizza party.

Class Pizza Party

Dr. Karnes’ ENG 315 class is gearing up for a celebratory party. After a long semester of challenging assignments, Dr. Karnes feels her students deserve kudos for their hard work. She has decided that a pizza party would best suit the preferences of her diverse class.

The Justification Report presents the need to determine a suitable pizzeria to serve as a vendor for the upcoming class party. It presents the scope of the problem, presents two potential vendor choices, and evaluates them utilizing five criteria to best decide which vendor meets the unique needs of Dr. Karnes’ class. The report does not consider alternate cuisines but instead focuses on two local pizzeria alternatives that have been recommended by members of the faculty. Internet research was conducted as well as personal interviews, and a final recommendation is provided.

Problem Statement
ENG 315 has a (wonderful) problem: A pizza party is in order (after all, ENG 315 students are the BEST students in the WORLD, and they all LOVE pizza). Unfortunately, the instructor cannot decide which local vendor to order pizza from. All of the vendors attempt to tantalize her with the promise of coupons, unique ingredients, speedy delivery times, “extra” deals, and more. How is she to choose? Her twenty three students all have gourmet taste buds, some have unique dietary needs, and to complicate matters, she has…well, a teacher’s budget of $45.
“Pizza-Pizza!” or “BOGO [Buy One Get One]” – a sales promotion wherein the consumer gets two pizzas for the price of one.

“Gluten-Free” – a product that does not contain gluten, a protein composite found in certain foods that spurs an allergic reaction in some consumers.
Report Overview
This report was created to help the indecisive Dr. Karnes choose the best pizza for a party in her ENG 315 class. Dr. Karnes tasked this group to investigate two alternatives to determine the best food recommendation for the party. The two vendors researched were Alternative A (Pop’s Pizza Planet) and Alternative B (Scooby’s Pizza Mansion). Dr. Karnes’ criteria by which to judge the alternatives were as follows: cost, sales promotions, topping desirability, gluten-free options (since two class members are allergic to gluten), and delivery time. Research methods included calls, Internet research (for coupons and online menus), student surveys (to determine preferences), and in-person visits to both places of business. An evaluation of the two alternatives revealed that Alternative B, Scooby’s Pizza Mansion, should be recommended, since it offered three advantages that Pop’s Pizza Planet could not: pizzas with a gluten-free crust, one unique gourmet topping that the class preferred (ghost peppers), and a “Zoinks! Pizza-Pizza!” weeknight pizza deal.

Overview of Alternatives

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