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Justification Report

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Justification Report


Justification report
Assignment 2.1- Justification Report(Part 1)
Problem statement
The main problem that employees face in Carnival Cruise Line Company is a hostile environment. This hostile environment in Carnival Cruise Line Company is also a form of harassment. A good number of other employees in Carnival Cruise Line Company normally think that issues that bring about the hostile environment in the workplace include; bosses who are irresponsible, rude coworkers, privileges, benefits, the lack of perks, work environment that is unpleasant and even recognition. In most cases, to consider the workplace hostile, some ...view middle of the document...

The lawful policies are better to be present so that when a colleague is reported to be guilty, the set policies will apply by addressing the case according to the legal laws statements in the policy. Furthermore, when the employer supports his or her practice, then he or she supports the whole organization and the employees who must obey the obligations set by the organization. If the obligations are broken by one of the employees, then thorough investigations need to be conducted and when proven guilty, punishment is administered basing on the policy that governs the obligations. This helps in resolving problems in the organization or workplace (Philips 2012).
The cost that will be consumed to implement the policies is very moderate since it will require a meeting and also printouts that have these typed policies for all the employees in Carnival Cruise Line Company. The efficiency of the implementation of the policies is expected to be high because it protects the rights of the employees. The time it will take to implement the policies that supports employees’ rights will be minimal since it is just reviewing the policies and the employees of Carnival Cruise Line Company are literate. The durability of the policies will be long enough since the employees will value policies that protect their rights. The practicality also is expected to be high for the support and implementation of the policies by the employees since the policies favors them.
Here are significant methods that are needed for Carnival Cruise Line Company, in order to conduct a research to determine the best alternative recommended for the employer of Carnival Cruise Line Company. First, a good reason should be available on to why the research to determine the best recommended alternatives is being conducted. Also, the problem is needed to be defined in the research being conducted so that it can help in the best way to approach the problems that face organizations globally. A thesis statement is also required so that it can be easier to generalize the topic to be solved when conducting the research. For instance, the thesis section must have the problem of hostility in the workplace environment for the readers to understand what the paper is solving. Information for the research can also be gotten from the library or search engines since sources of information are significant in evidence provisions for your findings. The sources are later on evaluated by classification of the sources into primary sources or secondary sources. Other important thing to be presented in the research paper is the subjective objectives and the objectives of the paper and finally in-text citations of the findings are also important (Ersatz 2002).
Assignment 2.2- Justification Report (Part 2)
Evaluation of the alternatives
A hostile working environment is the major problem affecting Carnival Cruise Line Company. This problem makes employees in the company to feel threatened and...

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