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Justice System Paper

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Justice System Position Paper

Justice System Position Paper
The purpose of this paper is to convince you through information and evidence my belief of what needs to happen in the juvenile justice system in order to make a difference in our children’s lives. My belief’s is that we need to make comprehensive plans for the juvenile offenders including both rehabilitation and punishment efforts. I do not believe rehabilitation nor punishment will work on their own and need to be used together to ensure the correct message is being sent to our youth. In my opinion there has to be education at a young age, rehabilitation and punishment in each individual’s plan.
Juvenile Court
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In my opinion, it is very important to start educating our youth at a young age, about what happens to people that commit crimes. The youth needs to understand the consequences of their actions, and by educating them we will be giving them the power of knowledge and choice. This will ultimately help them to make better decisions in their life which will help them be productive members of society. I believe that rehabilitation, punishment and education all need to be used in order to for the juvenile justice system to be a success.
Punishment or Rehabilitation
There are two main views when it comes to determining what the appropriate system is for handling juvenile criminals; those who are for rehabilitation and those who are for punishment. Many people’s views are that any adolescent under the age of eighteen are too young to be able to comprehend what they are doing and what the consequences are going to be of their actions. The biggest controversy is around whether or not a juvenile should receive a sentence of the death penalty.
What changes will come
Law enforcement officials need to be seen and heard more in our communities to let both adult and youth that crime is being taken seriously and that there will be consequences. In order for this to happen there needs to be more police officials available for patrol, and more time for them to spend in the communities getting to know the people. This is also true for probation. More probation officers are needed in order to ensure the adequate amount of supervision is being enforced for youth on probation and other services ordered by the court. By offering first time offenders rehabilitation along with other sanctions, this will reduce the number of juveniles currently in facilities. Juveniles will have to obey the courts orders, along with being on probation and attending rehabilitative services in order to avoid incarceration.
Harsher Punishment
It used to be that juveniles did not want to have to face their parents after committing a crime, would feel ashamed of their actions, and would not get into trouble again for fear of incarceration. That is not the case with the juveniles in today’s society. Juveniles are familiar with certain aspects of the system and know that their punishment will be quite a bit less than that of an adult. With this being said juveniles are no longer afraid of incarceration or having to deal with the police. For this reason alone states have noticed the rise in violent crimes by juveniles and have made it easier to try adolescents in adult court. In the 1990s, as a number of experts and academics predicted a surge in crime from a generation of “super-predator” teens, almost every state passed laws making it easier to try juveniles in adult criminal courts (Mellen, 2008). In my opinion, the juvenile justice system needs to have stricter punishment for severe cases, increase education for the youth and offer more rehabilitation services....

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