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Justice Or Injustice Of The Death Penalty

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Justice or Injustice of the Death Penalty PHI 103: Informal Logic Justice or Injustice Imagine having to sit in a small cell that is roughly 6 x 9 x 9.5 feet, waiting for your turn atdeath. There are many held within the prison systems that are waiting on death row for committing a heinous crime unto others. In the judicial system for many states, when one commits bodily harm which causes the death of another; they are faced with death themselves. Who would be given this choice to decide what the killers’ fate should be? Should this be left up to a higher power of humanity? I do not feel that we as a society have the right to use the judicial system to put others to death. It would be ...view middle of the document...

Who would be held accountable for the execution of an innocent person; who was falsely sentenced to begin with? Do we then commit another execution to the group who took this prison victims life? There is no justice in taking the life of anotherhuman being- guilty or not. Many people are under the assumption that these men and women are sitting in the lap of luxury. That to remain in prison is aneasy way out for them. They have rules and restrictions to follow or they are punished. They are locked down for 23 hours a day; given one hour a day for some outside activity which consist of being placed in another form of cage with daylight. They are fed institutional serving sizes of food; they do not get second servings or dine on steak and potatoes. They are limited on reading resources and outside opportunities. They are isolated in the darkness of their cells;waiting for their turn at death. For the Death Penalty If someone took the life of my loved ones, or my own life, I would want justice to be served with their own life being taken away. There are many criminals walking within our society today who need to pay duesfor their crimes. We need to enforce the rules of justice, if one does not want to be placed inside the prison walls of death, they should think twice about their actions used against the innocence of others. The most heinous crimes committed by these people are usually inflicted towards others whom are weaker than themselves. Those who willingly take the life of another are an outright murderer. Once a murderer, always a murderer; these individuals have no feelings towards mankind. If you take the life of someone, you should expect the same treatment towards yourself. What gives a killer the right to exist, even in a 6 x 9cell; when they have extinguished the life of a loved one? These people gave up their rights for a future life. They should be executed immediately, and not given the opportunities to better themselves while theysit in death row at the expense of the taxpayers. The death penalty does not deter thoseperforming heinous acts towards others. There is no reasoning with someone that has taken the life of another. There is every type of excuse out there used to explain a way why they had done such anact. These excuses range from: ‘they deserved it’, being under the influence, or pleading insanity and so on. Who cries out for the innocent, we the public demand justice to be performed towards these criminals and if they committed death; so be it,give it right back to them. People scream an “eye for an eye”, well; I scream“a soul for a soul!” Give these murders their just deserts. We can not allow such behavior to continue within our communities, and still call ourselves a just society. Taking the lifeof another is unjustifiable and should not be permitted. Death should come just as quick for the murdered, as it did for the victim. Our judicial system needs to come down harder on these murderers and give...

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