Justice Of The City And The Soul

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The Justice of the City and the Soul

What is justice? Justice, though a simple word, cannot be defined by just looking through the dictionary. Instead, justice should be searched further in depth. Socrates demonstrates this idea of learning from a bigger scale to a smaller scale by first discovering the justice of the city and later the justice of the soul. By finding the parts of the city and the soul, their relations from the city to the soul will later help us find the meaning of justice. Therefore, by discovering the justice of the city and its virtues, we can use these ideas of the city to extract the aspects and justice of the soul. Socrates begins to find the definition of ...view middle of the document...

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Since Socrates has discovered all the parts of the just city, he can now discover the parts of the just soul. Socrates eventually finds the three aspects of the soul: reason, spiritedness, and appetite. The first part of the soul, reason, searches for the truth. For instance, within our soul we find that doing the right thing, for example exercising, comes from the reasonable part of the soul. Secondly, spiritedness strives for honor and motivates the soul. For instance, allowing us to power through our intense workouts even though we seem to be tired. Lastly, appetite allows the soul to desire everything that is pleasurable, like wanting to eat a burger. Moderation, just like the virtue of the city, is shared throughout the entire soul, and justice allows the soul to become well-ordered. Together, the people representing the virtues of the city coincide with the aspects of the soul. For instance, the workers or the majority of the city represent the desire or appetitive part of the soul. The auxiliaries due to their honor towards the city represent the spiritedness of the soul. Lastly, the rulers or guardians represent the reason of the soul due to their better knowledge of ruling the city. Socrates then concludes that the knowledgeable rulers with the help of the honorable auxiliaries keep the desirable workers in line. With this in mind, Socrates also realizes that the justice of the soul acts in the same way as the city because the rational or reasonable part of the soul with the help of the spiritedness part of the soul keep the...

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