Justice And Social Order In Antigone

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Justice in “Antigone” is torn between social order in terms of strict laws and their enforcement and wide held values of family as well as the true will of the Gods that citizens were obliged to live by. In an empire the state holds total control and the disobedience of laws set by the king is punishable by death. In a democracy the citizens of the state should hold some degree of influence in decision making as well as have a level of freedom to practice religion in a non violent manner. Family and religion were two extremely important spheres of Greek life, and for many citizens of the time laws that disregard family values and heavenly rules would be considered void. There is a tension here in the issues of the city state, family and religion; family and religious values should hold an equal weight in decision making of the polis. As long as they are not followed in a way which creates violence or mayhem divine law should prevail when believed in heavily by the citizens. If viewed in modern terms freedom of religion has the ability to override many civic laws as long as no one else's right are being infringed upon, some room should be left for religious freedoms, rules of the state should be followed when in the best interest of the citizens. Creon’s ruling was not in the best interest of the citizens, though he claimed it was. There is a conflict between ancestral right to a proper burial and laws to the state in “Antigone”. Divine right is taken as the absolute for Antigone as it would have been for many citizens of Thebes at the time. The sense of final or ultimate justice in the eyes of the heavens should override law, this is not to say that laws of the polis should be ignored but that if one feels obliged to follow their religious beliefs, within reason they should be allowed to do so. Antigone’s act of burying her brother against Creon's orders was within practical reason and thus her case for justice should have been more deeply considered.
The burying alive of Antigone after she publicly disobeyed the king was in accordance with the rule of the period where failure to follow laws was punishable by death. Creon’s argument against allowing Antigone to give her brother a proper burial despite the requests of his family and his citizens is highly flawed. Creon believed that he was ruling with the will of the gods and the best interest of the people in mind. Creon was a stubborn leader in a patriarchal society where a different meaning of justice exists for men and women. In fact, when the argument is raised by Teiresias, a male he acknowledges his error in ruling. By denying Antigone her ancestral right he states he believes in the rule of one not the democratic rule of many. Creon focuses on justice as associated with political and social...

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