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I will read :
Subject 1 : Eastern-European male
Approximately 35 years old. It was obvious that his was just killing time in the bookstore - he spent 30 minutes then left.
Subject 2 -School teacher - Approximately 50 years old, she has spent around 30 minutes walking around aimlessly. Finally she talked to the store clerc and purchased a book.
Subject 3 - Caribbean/Indian Approximately 21 years old, dressed for a party, she has spent most of her time in the science fiction section.
Subject 4 - The bouncer - Stocky, tattooed male around 30. Has spent quite a lot of time in the discount section, read books with great attention. Around 40 minutes.
Participant experiments
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What is popular is probably good.
on the other hand, people rarely go to the discount section... Again tpeople might think that nobody is buying these books, therefore they are not scarce or not approved by others. Cialdini . When I bought a book, the fact that it was award winning, and approved by others really did it for me.
people sit on the floor

Marketing Applications
1.Make the store a more pleasant experience/ sell experience - we have noticed that for a lot of people going to a bookstore is more about spending good time that actually looking for anything specific. Therefore we recommend to make book buying a more pleasant experience by installing plants, special mat so people can sit on the floor, which they do anyways, additional sockets for indoor cafe and generally we have noticed that voices and smells from a Starbucks really made the atmosphere more comfortable, so we recommend installing a Starbucks in every outlet.
2. Remove discount section/put discounted books at random - putting books in the discount section cheapens them, we recommend just putting discounted book at random through the store.

Psychological push factors:
Taking a break : people want to break from work or personal life
Feeling lonely or need for belonging : buying or reading a book is a social event. Perhaps some just want to be around other people when they do these activities.
Need to be occupied : sometimes people have some free time before an event or are waiting for a transport of friends.

This location is situated near a major intersection in central Scarborough. One can find a multitude of small boutiques and supermarkets around. This area is considered to be low-to-medium income level and has a high percentage of South Asian population. The store itself has a Starbucks outlet inside, which is quite popular with students, including the ones who attend UTSC. While the ethnography was conducted, people of all ages and backgrounds were observed as customers. The bookstore is the major Indigo branch in Scarborough, offering thousands of books, pleasant atmosphere and great customer service.

The Indigo Store features nice, relaxing atmosphere that feels alive thanks to the voices of cafe’s baristas.
The Starbucks tables are all occupied with mostly studying students or chatting friends. First customer that was observed appeared to be of European descent. He spent close to 30...

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