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Just Say No To Drugs Essay

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When somebody starts to talk about legalization of addictive drugs, the first images that conjure up to most of people's minds are images of crack being sold like cigarettes or heroin like whiskey at bars. But legalization need not be anything like those frightening images. I will argue on the pros and cons of legalization of drugs and first, it will be pointed out that legalization would not mean that addictive drugs would be legally available to every one. The second argument developed will be that legalization would not mean that pushers would be given free rein or that legalization would not condone use of addictive drugs. And finally there will be given arguments of supporters and opponents whether the legalization would reduce drug related-problems or increase them.The problem of legalization of drugs developed into the question, why addictive drugs should be actually legalized. The purpose is not to make them fully available but to ...view middle of the document...

Making drugs legal would lead to putting drug pushers out of their business. They would be deprived of their steady and most lucrative customers, namely addicts and they would loose their incomes. Then the amount of dealers would decrease because the smaller market would not support so many, and it would also lead to the fall of drug-related crime.But advocates of legalization see drugs as a health problem rather than as a criminal problem. They say, that anyone who is caught using drugs is treated as a criminal, not as an addict who needs help. In Holland, people believed that they could reduce their crime rate by establishing methadone, a drug used as a substitute for heroin. The idea was to treat addiction as a medical problem not as a criminal one. Dutch claim that the crime would increase if addicted people were not receiving the methadone. In addiction to reducing crime in Holland, Dutch policies have reduced the number of AIDS cases in Holland. The national health-care system supports a needle-exchange program. There are machines on the streets that will exchange needle. If a person puts used needle into the machine, a new, sterile, wrapped needle comes out.The problem of legalization has its proponents and opponents. The supporters claim that legalization of drugs would lead to reduction of drug-related problems. Because they believe that if people could freely buy soft drugs, such as marijuana or hashish they would be less likely to try more dangerous drugs.But those who oppose the legalization pointed out that it would lead to a greater drug use, explaining that, with drug such as crack which is very common, there would be and increase in cases of crime and child abuse and even greater spread of AIDS. Because of the crack people become more violent, and when they use dirty needles they spread disease.Opponent also point to China claiming that when drugs in China were made legal, the selling of opium increased.My final statement to this problem is that the dilemma whether to legalize drugs or not has been not solved yet. Still there are people who are for and against legalization fighting with their arguments. The current war on drugs is not working, and is not clear whether legalization may be the solution.

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