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Jurassic Park The Novel, By Michael Crichton Vs.The Film

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The novel or film Jurassic Park. Which is better? Both versions of the story are exceptionally well written, but there are major differences. The first and most significant difference is the two different themes used in the novel and the film. The novel uses a special sort of technological, mystery theme. However, the film uses the adventure theme that so many recent films these days do. Another major difference is the role and personality of the characters. Many characters in the film for example have been altered from the novel to suit the film's adventure theme. The final difference is the outcome of the story. The novel shows the raptors escaping from their pens and venturing to the ...view middle of the document...

Instead, the opening scene of the movie shows the workman being dragged into a cage by a set of intensely sharp reptilian claws.I think that the author goes into more detail with the commencement of the novel because it makes the reader think more. Instead of showing the workman being dragged to his death by the raptor and leaving nothing to contemplate, Crichton drops clues. The most important of these clues is the way the soldiers cover up the way the workman was injured and upon the death of the workman, the word 'raptor' is whispered. When the unsuspecting reader combines the two attacks, the plot of the novel begins to take form. The novel seems to take on the theme of mystery and suspense whilst the film takes on the adventure theme. This may be because a scientific-thriller sells better than an adventure novel. Obviously, this is the major difference in terms of the plot of the two different stories.The next difference is the personality, attitude and fate of the characters in the two versions of the story. The first major character change is that of John Hammond, proprietor and creator of the park. In the film he is portrayed as an elderly, but loving grandfather, trying to 'make every child's dream come true'. He invites his two grandchildren to visit his park to treat them to an enchanting weekend. After the park's dinosaurs escape he admits defeat and escapes with the rest of the characters. However, in the novel Hammond is shown to be a greedy, hardheaded man. His grandchildren were invited to the park too, although their sole purpose was to convince the lawyers to approve his park Instead of escaping as he did in the film, his own creations were what caused his demise. This is Crichton's way of stating, I believe, that his greed was a sin. The film clearly misses this point. The reason for this is that the film doesn't want to go into to the depth that the novel does, it just wants to entertain.There are also numerous other character differences. One such example being that of Hammond's grandchildren. Tim is about twelve years old in the novel and Lex is about nine. In the film though, the children are opposite ages as are their skills and interests. In the film Lex is twelve years old...

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