Junk Food Shoud Be Banned Essay

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A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard [e.g. flood, tornado, volcano, earthquake] that affect the environment and leads to property damaged and human losses.

1.1 Land movement disasters
Volcanic eruptions
1.2 Water disasters
1.3 Weather disasters
Cyclonic storms
Heat waves
1.4 Fire
1.5 Health and diseases
1.6 Space

Tsunami is a Japanese ward with the English translation, ‘harbor wave.’ Tsunami is large powerful waves caused by earthquake in the sea / ocean. Earthquakes happen when earth surfaces suddenly moves against each other

Speed of Tsunami

Tsunami wave ...view middle of the document...

This has been one of the biggest natural disasters in recent human history.
Almost 230,000 people were killed over 11 countries. Measuring 9 on the Richter Scale

Most effected countries were Indonesia, Sri-Lanka India,Thailand in this tsunami.

It is the fourth-largest earthquake since such measurements began in 1899.

On December 26,2004 tsunami effected countries

Indonesia ,Sir- Lanka, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives, Kenya Seychelles,Somalia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Andaman island

8.8 Earthquake in Chile in 2010. the seventh largest on record. tsunami severely damaged over 500,000 homes, killed nearly 500 people and homeless thousands.


2010 Mexico is the recent tsunami

2010 chillie

2007 Solomon Island

2006 Steep Point

2004 Indian ocean

1998 papua new Guinea

1992 Nicaragua

1976 Philippins

1964 Alaska

1060 Chilie

1952 Russia

1906 San fransisco

Is it possible to prevent a tsunami?

In a word, no.

Once a tsunami has happened, there is no way to stop it; but with warning system in place, people can be evacuated.

Tsunami warning system

Tsunami Safety Rules

Quickly move to higher ground away from the coast.

All large earthquakes do not cause tsunami, but many do. If the quake is located near or directly under the ocean, then tsunami happened.

A tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of waves. Stay out of danger until an "ALL CLEAR

Never go down to the beach to watch for a tsunami! WHEN YOU CAN SEE THE WAVE YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO ESCAPE. Tsunami can move faster than a person can run!

During a tsunami emergency, your local police, fire and other emergency organizations will try to save your life. Needs to listen to them.
If you are on a boat or ship and there is time, move your boat to deeper water
Turned your local radio, televisions during a tsunami emergency –

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