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Junior Paper

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Rachel Clark
English III
Ms. Donnelly
10 January 2013
Importance of Medical Instrument in the Military
One day when I was in the Burgaw Public Library, my interest caught me on the book call Medical Instrument in History. Medical instruments play a huge part in life, even the military. Medical instruments save many lives now but did very little in the past because they were not highly technological. The Revolutionary War and Civil War did have medical instruments, but had little effect on saving soldiers. Medical instruments in the military have made technological advancements over the past 200 years to the benefit of society.
Throughout the 1860s, medical equipment, supplies, and drugs ...view middle of the document...

“Dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and malaria---all caused by poor sanitation---were rampant in the camps” (Dunne). Remember, this was in a hospital that just had tents and the grounds as a floor. Imagine the sanitation in that place; moreover, it would have been nasty, causing a lot of diseases and infections that causes the patient to suffer more or die. Now, the medical personnel has evolved medicine to include pain relievers or a sleeping drug that makes life much easier for the patient and better equipment that makes it safer and cleaner.
Our military has generals to lead them in battle, but the surgeons had a surgeon general as the top of the chain of command in the Army to keep things straight in the hospital. “After much political infighting, William Alexander Hammond was appointed Surgeon General in April 1862” (Military Medicine). He was 34 years old and had been an Army Medic for ten years. “Hammond raised requirements to be in the Army Medical Corps; likewise, numbers of hospital were increasing, and he had to keep a close eye on the situation the hospital was in. He had Quartermaster Corps build the hospitals and owned the ambulances; the Subsistence Corps had control of all fares, and acquisition regulations made it difficult to purchase medical supplies” (Military Medicine). Hammond was also a founder in neurology and well trained neurologist. Without his skills, the medical professors would not be able to learn such skills, regulations, and neurology; today the medical staff has great control over the hospital, supplies and requirements for today’s century.
Furthermore, after the Civil War, the Gulf War in 1990 took a huge toll on soldier’s lives too. The Gulf War was known as the First Gulf War or First Iraqi War. United States of America was no the only country to be in the Gulf War, nay other countries too like Australia or Argentine. “Australia contributed a Naval Task Group, which formed part of the multination fleet in Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman” (“Iraq in Australian War Memorial”). This means medical teams were deployed abroad a U.S. hospital ship to help the Navy Corpsman to patch up wounded soldiers that ere injured in battle. The Gulf War had less casualties of dead or wounded because one, it only lasted for a year and two, they had the advance technology to save our men from being injured though U.S. lost some soldiers, they saved many wounded men from dying.
Armamentarium and medical science -surgery- in history were cruel at best and likely to have been performed out of desperation or ignorance. “Surgery as the medical surgeons know today did not start till around the late 1800s, and even then, the infection was very common and outcomes were terrible” (Gochfeld). “Surgical procedures in commonplace today, such as appendectomies, were not common then. In fact, during the Civil War, a person with appendicitis was expected to die because of the infection that occurred once the appendix ruptured” (Dunne). Early...

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