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Julius Ceasar Essay

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Peter Delich
Italian 230
Research Paper
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar; he came, he saw, and he conquered. Caesar is one of the most well-known Emperors of Rome and one of the most influential historical figures. Caesar was a politician and general of the late Roman republic, who greatly extended the Roman Empire before seizing power and making himself dictator of Rome, paving the way for the imperial system. The story of Caesar’s rise to power and fall from grace is one that has been told since the time of the Romans. His accomplishments and contributions to Roman society and the world will surely never be forgotten. Julius Caesar was a distinguished general, influential politician, and a ...view middle of the document...

All this will prove to be very useful skills and will become very important in his military and political career.
Caesar began his military career at the age of twenty six when he put together a private army and combated Mithradates VI Eupator, king of Pontus, who had declared war on Rome. This was a bold, brave, and daring move by Caesar, but he ultimately came out victorious. His knowledge and love of battle proved to be one of his greatest qualities. Caesar would have close to flawless victories leaving his enemies beaten and embarrassed. People would learn to fear Caesar for his impressive military stature. ”When Caesar returned to Rome he began to work with Pompey, a former lieutenant under Sully, who'd switched sides following the dictator's death, and not long after Caesar was elected quaestor and then went to serve in several other key government positions under Pompey” (Caesar Julius, par 8). These positions allowed Caesar to improve on his political skills. Along with that, Caesar grew closer and closer to Pompey which would prove to be crucial in his rise to power. Caesar continued to rise to the political ranks. In 61-60 BC he served as governor of the Roman province of Spain. He also continued his close alliance with Pompey, which enabled him to get elected as consul.
As Caesar grew closer with Pompey, he realized that Pompey was aligning himself with Marcus Licinius Crassus. Crassus was a Roman general and politician who'd served valiantly during Sulla's rule and proved to be essential in Caesar's rise to power. He would often aid Caesar with both financial and political support. “Over the years Pompey and Crassus had come to be intense rivals. But once again Caesar displayed his abilities as a negotiator, earning the trust of both men and convincing them they'd be better suited as allies instead of enemies. This partnership among the three men came to be known as the First Triumvirate” (Caesar Julius, par 12). For Caesar, his political alliance and the power it gave him was the perfect springboard to greater domination. He constantly used his persuasive personality and his impressive negotiation skills to scheme and connive in order to get what he wanted. Caesar was not known as a man who settled. Once he set his mind to something it is very likely that he got his way, no matter what it took. “An early controversial move came when he tried to pay off Pompey's soldiers by granting them public lands. While initially unpopular, Caesar hired a collection of Pompey's soldiers to stage a riot. In the midst of all the chaos, he got his way” (Caesar Julius, par 13). The riot showed how Caesar’s thirst for power and control has truly consumed him. He was willing to betray not only an ally but a friend to achiever a higher personal gain. It was also a defining moment in his shift from a political lifestyle back to a military one. If Caesar couldn’t talk his way to the top he would take it by force. “Not long after, Caesar secured the...

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