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Judgement And Decision Making Essay

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1.3 Jackall R. (1988), Looking up and looking around
A major factor of managerial framework is a superior ability to make decisions. In this article Jackall tries to bring out the fact that, when it comes to decision making, especially the ones involving huge money, public exposure or major effect on the organization, people rely on others. This action is termed as ‘Looking up and Looking around’ (LULA). It is not because of inability or lack of experience but only because of fear of failure that an individual decision actually becomes the outcome of a group decision. The two basic principles followed in organizations are
-To avoid any decision making situation
-and if decision making ...view middle of the document...

The most important job for us was to organize the college annual fest. The main motive in the group was to make it the best fest ever. Work was divided with one person assigned to each section. So in the end everyone ended up spending money way over the set budget and even the funds raised were not even close to the basic expense. Therefore all the due payments were done by the college management. At last when the blame time came everyone unanimously started blaming the general secretary. He turned out to be the involuntary fall guy. Moreover when we went through the council account details it was found that the previous year council had used up an excess amount of savings, leaving us with very less startup money. This is a perfect example of outrunning your mistake and letting the blame fall on your successors.
Reading 1.3: Looking up and Looking around

The managerial structure has the authority to make decisions in an organization. Decisions involving huge or important criteria’s that affect the name of the organization are taken by the top management but any blunders committed are directed to others. No Individual wants to take the responsibility of the faulty decisions made. This concept is termed Looking up and looking around. The paradigm involves the faulty decisions taken to be moved from individuals to groups because of the single reason as to what one can say as the fear of failure.

In any kind of organization they tend to avoid taking decisions, if they are to be made then the wisest approach is to involve more members into it so that the mistakes are diluted from one to many. Involving more people makes is complex enough to detect the root of the mistakes committed.

Two concepts of LULA when managers make decisions are they are in a fear of meeting the...

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