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Judaism Report

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Judaism Report
Judaism has been around since the days of Columbus. There were many different kinds of Jews including Spanish-Portuguese Jews. The Jews were forced to leave Spain and later Portugal, which led to their expansion over the nation. “In 1942, the same year that Columbus sailed, the Jews were expelled from Spain, and in 1947 the same fate befell them in Portugal” (Albanese 42). Over the years Judaism has evolved in many ways, but still holds on to its traditions and beliefs. This report will take a closer look into the history and culture of the religion, the different branches of Judaism and some of the views from the outside world of the religion.
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This movement brought about diversion among the religion and created different branches of the religion.
Although there are many core beliefs there are still different branches in the religion of Judaism. One of the main core beliefs that was expressed by Rabbi Sussman was the sole belief in one God and that He has expectations of the people as individuals. Another important aspect of the religion of Judaism that was discussed by Rabbi Susman was the belief in after life. He pointed out that all Jews have different perspectives of what happens when we die. Judaism focuses more on the practice of how to live in the present and not so much on what happens after life. The main three branches of Judaism in America are the Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jews. The Orthodox Jews are the strictest Jew in American Judaism. “Orthodox Jews, by contrast, drew the boundaries tightly and tried to preserve as much of European Jewish culture as possible” (Albanese 61). The Reform Jews took a more social approach to the religion and are not as traditional when it comes to relating to religion to the ethnicity. The Conservative Jews try to find a deeper meaning to the messages in the Torah by which they live their lives.
After watching a Reform Jewish service on I was able to get a better understanding of the religion and to see how different it was from my own religion. The service really talked about how to live life as a good person. It taught the people how to treat others and how to love one another. I thought it was different that God was not mentioned during the service, but the Torah was referred to several times. In my church God and Jesus is mentioned numerous times and is sometimes used as a term...

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