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Js Decision Making Paper

754 words - 4 pages

Jennifer Schatzman
MGT/230 – Management Theory, and Practice
September 30, 2013
Ronald Sprague

Life is full of decisions. What to eat for breakfast, what to wear, or what to do with the next step in the journey of life. Different stages will present varying demands that will require decisions to be made. Every day, individuals are faced with opportunities, and with opportunities we are faced with decisions.

This paper will briefly discuss just one decision that was recently presented in my life. I will discuss the steps taken to reach the decision, and the similarities to formal decision-making steps used in the business world. Finally, I will ...view middle of the document...

Now that I had identified the problem we were facing, and set an end goal, I had to find the solution to how this could be done. It was obvious that a traditional route was not going to work into the lifestyle we wanted to have for our family. Finding the school that would be right for me was the most important and challenging decision. . The extensive research regarding location, flexibility, cost, financial aid, and time commitments led to the decision to attend University of Phoenix. After many conversations with advisors from the school, everything was set and ready to go. However, I did not receive as much financial assistance as I thought, and had to find an alternative to be able to move forward with attending school. After evaluation of various scenarios, the outcome was clear that I would need to still work part-time, overnight shifts. The hospital that I was employed by could not offer the ideal solution. The difficult decision was made to part ways. I was hired at a different hospital that was able to present me with the best possible outcome. I had made the choice, implemented the decision, and evaluated the positive and negative aspects of the outcome (Bateman & Snell, 2011).

Many of these steps are...

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