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Joy To The World Essay

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Hotel organizational chart

General manager=Plan, coordinate and manage all business operations to achieve corporate goals.
Develop and implement business plan for profitability.
Assist in budget preparation and expense management activities.
Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing program and recommend improvements.
Room division manager=To lead the Rooms Divisions Team in the provision and delivery of personalized Guest Care and Relations in order to enhance the guest experience of the hotel.
ü Budget preparation - expenditure and revenue in line with Company Instructions
Revenue manager=Get to know about the Roles, Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of Revenue Manager. Develop ...view middle of the document...

Ensure that front office staff is available at all the times for customer assistance.
Provide outstanding services and ensure guest satisfaction.
Provide direction and guidance to front office staff to meet hotel goals.
Senior Reception=A receptionist is a person in an office administration and support position. Their work is usually perfomed at the front desk of an organization. In most cases, they are the first business contact that a person will meet at an organization. Their primary responsibility is to greet incoming visitors and callers.
Reservation clerk=Get to know about the Roles, Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities of Reservation Clerk. Process all reservation requests from customers.
Provide clerical support to the reservation staff.
Change or cancel reservations at the request of customers.
Answer and respond to customers on reservation inquiries.
Receive reservation orders through phone, fax or email.
Reception clerk=Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen and forward calls, providing information, taking messages and scheduling appointments.
Receive payment and record receipts for...

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