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Joy Dishwashing Essay

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In partial fulfillment of the requirement in MKT111 Principles of Marketing with the degree of Bachelor of Science and Business Administration Marketing Management
Presented by: Group 5
Ambi, Jake
Gonzaga, Ronald
Arroyo, Renz Mae
Canales, Flory
Costanilla, Gianne Marisse
Dalut, Michelle
Gilos, Mary Grace
Segurigan, Joliza
Yu, Ma. Daniela

Presented to:
Prof. Jessie Tamayo
I. Marketing Background
A. Overview of the Industry

The new SMC under the leadership of Cojuangco and Ang, the company has
undergone a major strategic shift, streamlining and broadening its business portfolio, reshaping and redefining the very nature of its core businesses. While the company has ...view middle of the document...

The Energy segment is involved in power generation, distribution, and trading; and coal mining activities. This segment supplies electricity to various customers, including electric cooperatives, industrial customers, and the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. The Fuel and Oil segment is engaged in refining and marketing petroleum products. The Infrastructure segment is involved in the business of construction and development of various infrastructure projects, such as airports, roads, highways, toll roads, freeways, skyways, flyovers, viaducts, and interchanges. The Telecommunications segment is engaged in rendering various domestic and international telecommunications services. San Miguel Corporation was founded in 1890 and is headquartered in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. San Miguel Corporation is a subsidiary of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc.
II. Competitive Analysis
San Miguel Corporation’s Top 3 Competitors
Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.
In the land of more than a billion people, it takes a lot of beer to stave off thirst. Tsingtao Brewery is up to the task. It is one of China's largest brewers domestically (along Snow Breweries and Beijing Yanjing Brewery) and is also its biggest beer exporter, accounting for more than 50% of China's beer exports. The company's Tsingtao, Dragon, and Phoenix brands are exported to more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Since 1997 the company has acquired more than 40 domestic and foreign breweries and tripled its annual production under the leadership of president Peng Zuoyi, who died unexpectedly in 2001. Asahi Breweries owns 20% of Tsingtao.
First Pacific Company Limited
Things have been far from calm for First Pacific Company, or PLDT. The Filipino company, once a sprawling conglomerate, has shed holdings and sharpened its focus. It has kept its interest in consumer foods but is moving into infrastructure services and operations.
Its subsidiary Indofood makes packaged foods such as flour, pasta, and edible oils; its Metro Pacific subsidiary provides property management and infrastructure services in the Philippines. PLDT also owns 45% of Meralco, the Philippines' largest electric utility; about 40% of Philex Mining, the country's largest gold and copper producer; and more than 25% of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, which provides cellular service throughout Asia.

Food, phones, and flying are only a part of the JG Summit empire. Besides its consumer foods, wireless telecom, and aviation operations, the Philippine conglomerate has interests in packaging plants, real estate development, petrochemicals, and banking and financial services. Its Universal Robina unit makes and sells consumer foods, animal feed, and animal health items. JG Summit's real estate arm, Robinsons Land Corporation, develops commercial and residential properties and manages hotels. Its listed Digital Telecommunications Philippines (aka Digitel)...

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