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Journey To The Past (War Of The Worlds)

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Journey to the Past (The War of the Worlds)
The very first time I knew about the War of the Worlds was when my parents generously bought me and my siblings our own sets of encyclopedias. I was about ten years old then, and at that age, I have already started a harmonious relationship with books.
I loved one particular set of encyclopedia. It has books about ancient buildings, natural sciences, systems of the body, events and many more. With pictures and attracting titles, I was definitely pulled in as if it was the latest trend in fashion. I liked the events book the most. It had variety of pictures from the happenings from the past, and I’ve always been a fan of history.
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Think about this, as a kid, I thought that The War of the Worlds event history is real. I got to read the text about it in that oh-so-interesting-that-I-got-hook-into-it encyclopedia, but I didn’t fully understand it, and besides, it didn’t say that it wasn’t even for real. You know kids: Literal meaning is the key to understanding.
My situation was more or less like the situation of the people living in the 1930’s. What truth would you believe in, if that’s the only truth offered to you? Because it was just the start of technology, there was no other side of the story. It’s like telling a kid that purple is the combination of red and yellow, and he would believe that, until he finds another side of the story, that mixing red and blue actually makes purple. In short, people then are innocent.
You might disagree with me on this one, but I think we, people, lack that certain complex within ourselves that we actually accept what we don’t understand. I am not saying that we always do that, but most of the time we do. Just like the 1930’s people, they accepted the reality that Martians have invaded our world: they believed in that broadcast, but do they really understand what that meant?
But who is to blame?
The broadcast was believable. With the special effects and incredible timings, people were deceived. I, for that fact, would have believed, and I would have been deceived. And isn’t it that during those times, radios were mainly for news? I think people had a super difficult time in distinguishing if the story of the War of the Worlds was news or was it for entertainment. Or yet, they didn’t even try to distinguish it because they were already alarmed by it.
The broadcast seemed like a pie straight from the oven, or did I just make things confusing? Okay, let me try again. The broadcast seemed to be so hot that it wasn’t worth thinking, it was for spreading. Spread, so that others may be alarmed too, and thus, more and more people would believe it.
The act was like a domino game. One move, everyone’s affected.
Oh yes. I could have been affected, in ways my exaggerated self could only...

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