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Journey Through South Africa Essay

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Journey through South Africa
Christy Haakenson
Axia College

Journey through South Africa
Africa is the second largest continent with an expansive population topping near 700 million people and known as the Rainbow Nation which is intended to show the unity of multi-culturalism and the coming together of people. It is home to a tropical climate, amazing species of animals, and over 800 languages and cultures. This country is full of music that includes dancing, singing, and concerts of a wide variety. It is a lengthy flight, but in turn it allows travelers to feel like explorers that are heading into the unknown, and waiting to encounter many fulfilling experiences with an array ...view middle of the document...

Also for those looking to venture out on there own to view the wildlife the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park that is full of extraordinary wildlife such as the cheetah. South Africa has numerous things to offer especially for those who want to have a once in a lifetime experience with wild life, nature, and cultures.
However, for those travelers who anticipate stepping off the beaten path, you won’t be disappointed as you discover many other locations through South Africa. There are many cultures and very different ways of life compared to the United States. This in turn displays a way of promise to life but can also hang the cruelty of humanity amongst travelers. Thus, it is welcoming at one point, and the other it warns not to step too close. The warning signs should be noted, because of the secrets it hides is not pleasant or easy to see or experience. What an individual may experience within the secrets it may hide would make them want to forget you ever saw them. South Africa is poverty stricken what is beyond any American’s understanding, and hopelessness to those that were brought up on the American dream.
In 1994, the South African government policy of Apartheid officially ended but not part of this policy ending what the end to inhuman policies and laws that could have ended as clean as national celebrations do. Instead, the promises of a voice, jobs, and equality to make many of South Africa’s racial or ethic disadvantaged and have remained unfulfilled. Race is defined as the classification of people due to characteristics, mainly due to genetics, which they share, such as skin color, bone structure, etc. Ethnicity, unlike race, is not only based on genetics but instead, it is a way in which people who share the same ancestry or culture are grouped together due to their shared common beliefs, thoughts, language, and society. Under Apartheid races were commonly categorized either White or Black and classified as “Coloreds” were those whose ethnicity united them because they were either mixed race or Asian/Indian backgrounds.
For many colored people within South Africa consisting of mainly mixed Black/White or Indians and Pakistanis, have found nothing has changed after Apartheid. The system promised jobs, better school and new houses for hundreds of thousands of people. It also promised that people of all races, colors, and ethnic backgrounds would be equal citizens. Thus, the system failed and there are many South African’s who still do not have jobs. In fact, for the coloreds, life after Apartheid may even be worse explained by one unemployed South African man, (Polgreen): ‘In the old system we weren’t white enough,’ Mr. Khan said, ‘now we aren’t black enough. It is now still colored people who are stuck in the middle, and no one cares about us. I am not racist, and I fought in the struggle against Apartheid. But we have to admit that under white rule, we had a better life-less crime, more welfare, better schools and doctors.’

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