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Journey Through Judism Essay

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Every religion, every denomination holds on with both hands to the steadfast belief that there’s the one true religion. Judaism is no different than the others and in fact stands on their belief that the Jews are the chosen people of G-d.
Judaism is one of the largest religions in the world as well as one of the oldest. Abraham is reported to be the original Jew, however Islam also traces it’s origins to Abraham. Being Jewish is also not only a religion but an ethnicity. There are nearly five million Jews in the United States alone, and they are viewed not only as a religious body, but as a race of people.
Judaism is not just a religion to Jews, but a way of life. Their day to day ...view middle of the document...

These questions have sparked many violent arguments among believers on both sides of this religious debate. The New Testament is not part of the Torah as it is considered untrue, much like Christians view the Mormons’ second book of Mormon, or a third Testament to Jesus Christ.
Judaism has evolved over the years and is not as all consuming of the life of practicing Jews. Like Catholicism, you are either practicing or not. There have also been positive changes in Judaism. While there are a handful of female Rabbis, the faith just announced the graduation of the first African American female Rabbi.
This is historical in and of itself; however, this new Rabbi was born to a Protestant family and not to a Jewish family. The conversion process is lengthy enough, but to then have to go through all the levels to get to become a Rabbi is an awesome feat.
My interviewee is an African American female that comes from a long line of Missionary Baptist Church pastors. Her family has been the presiding family over their church for over 100 years. Eunice Davis certainly shocked her family when she made the decision to convert to Judaism. Our interview, over lunch, was quite interesting.
What do you believe the fundamental difference is between Judaism and other faiths? I’m not really familiar with the tenants of many other faiths, but I suppose the biggest difference between Judaism and mainstream Christianity is monotheism -- The belief in one G-d. Christians believe in one God. Yes, but Jews worship only G-d, Christians worship Jesus Christ as the way to G-d.
How has your faith shaped you and your life? My faith has given me a better life-focus on the important things of this world; e.g., charity, treating people with dignity and respect, working for the benefit of mankind.
What are the major holidays and holy days of Judaism and what do the mean or
stand for? The high holy days are significant: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh
Hashanah represents new beginnings for the coming year through repentance
and forgiveness. The period of time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is the
prescribed time for repentance and forgiveness among one another. Yom Kippur marks
the beginning of the New Year and hope for a year of blessings; recognizing G-d has all
power over what the year will bring. Passover is another holiday of significance which
celebrates the exodus of Jews from slavery in Egypt. As a Black Jew, Passover is also
significant in celebrating freedom from slavery in America.
Do Jews still feel persecuted? If yes, how and why? I can't speak for all Jews, but
personally I don't feel any type of persecution. History tells many stories of persecution
from Hitler to today due to hate groups and anti-Semitism. We've just witnessed the
murder of Security Guard Steven Johns at the Holocaust Memorial Museum
in Washington, D.C. The shooter in this instance hated Jews, as well as others, including

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