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"Journey's End" By Robert Cedric Sherriff Letter From Stanhope To Raleighs Parents

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Journeys End Letter24th March 1917Somewhere inFranceDear Mr and Mrs RaleighI'm deeply sorry to inform you that your son has been killed in action. Jimmy was killed on the 21st of this month. Jimmy had just been put on duty on the front line the Germans had been making a big push for a few hours by the time Jimmy had took his duty. There guns shelled us relentlessly. A shell dropped just in front of our line and exploded sending shrapnel flying all over. A piece of shrapnel unfortunately hit jimmy in the back, he was quickly picked up by two soldiers and me. We carried him down into the dugout; he was in no pain ...view middle of the document...

He used to sit with the men in the front doing work when he needn't to. A lot of the men admired him and my generals often complementing him on his intelligence and enthusiastic attitude. Raleigh participated in a successful raid on the German line where he led ten men he successfully captured a machine gun and bundled a German across no mans land, for his brave efforts that helped the English war campaign he received a Military Cross. I feel deeply saddened by Jimmy's death he will be greatly missed by me and my men. Jimmy was a superb general, he had great physical fitness, he dragged the German solider to our trench all by himself in the raid. He had a great shot and was great company always cracking jokes. I'm very regretful that I did not do more to protect Jimmy. Jimmy has made my last week so much better; he and Madge have been a great inspiration to me. When times have been dark I have relied on the knowledge that you are in Blighty waiting for me. I simply cannot wait to see you. How is the family doing? I must ask how Madge is and what she has been doing recently. Also tell her that I will be returning to see her very shortly and will look greatly forward to it. I'm very sorry that my first letter home in a long time is paired with such tragic news. I want you to be very proud of what Jimmy has accomplished in such a short period as he has become a great hero where I am. I am missing all of you and especially Madge.FromYour good friend Dennis.

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