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Journey Of My Writing Essay

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The journey of my writing

Writing is a beautiful thing. There are like rainbows rare majestic and transparent. Good writing is rare and majestic because the reader understands exactly the point of view that the writer is trying to convey. They are also transparent because the writers meaning can be hidden through symbolism, irony or even syntax. However good writing is a process just like anything else. It takes time to tone your skills and develop your writing.
My writing is no exception. There are many things I need to develop. It has considerably grown from when I first started writing in 4th grade till now.
My first writing was a fictional story we had to come up with. IU wrote about being trapped on an island that was ...view middle of the document...

But that did not happen to me. The teachers and myself kept asking how can I be such a good reader but not a good writer. That question used to mistify me, I could not figure out the answer for that. I kept reading higher level books and still that didn’t help, I also read books recommended to me by teachers but that also didn’t help. What could possibly be wrong maybe I was an exception to the saying.

Just recently I found the answer to my question. It turns out I was not reading critically. I was reading for reading and not understanding. However understanding is the main point of reading. I hope to increase my skills with this class. I have already started learning what good writing really is. I did not know that it was not having perfect grammar. I thought perfect grammar was the essence of the writing besides answering or stating your opinion. I expect to be a better writer or at least have a true grasp on what writing really is.
I went to onet online to find the writing and reading skills that my career needed. They are basic comprehension and understanding skills. My writing should be well enough that I am able to effectively communicate and portray what I need to say to a given individual. Active learning and critical thinking are the main points that I should be able to have to be successful for my career. These are quite easy to acquire and most likely I already have. Nevertheless I want to improve myself and be above what is required of me. The whole of going to school and taking an English core class is to beeter oneself to be above what yo are now. If not then why take the classes or go to school. One must take the opportunitythat is handed it to them and take ful advantage of it.

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