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Journal Service Essay

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Service describes as any act or function performed for a customer or client. As more firms join the competitive market with similar product, service becomes important differentiator that also very important for customer. All services are experiences from the customer deliver from people who involved; the invisible process and the physical evidence. Services here in some way delivers differently with my culture back home in Indonesia. However, the goal is the same to achieve customer satisfaction and increase firm’s revenue from the satisfied customer.
Most of the services that I encountered here in USA are from restaurants or transportation firms. First, I acknowledge the ...view middle of the document...

Since August 2011, I became a customer of Capital One Bank and feel satisfy about their services for a several reasons:
1. Great employee (people)
* The branch manager has initiative to become a customer service when the queuing line for customer service was long and he gave us a complete explanation for the products. Also he gave us free T-Shirt for our patience to wait.
* The teller always asked me whether my account is okay or are there any problems. In addition, they always smile and greet me consistently.
* When I came with my family the receptionist instantly offer a candy to my 3 years old son while we waiting for customer service and this really impressed me.
2. Fast & Reliable Process
* I need a bank statement as one of the requirements to get a visa to UK for my Smith Experience trip. It only needs no more than 10 minutes to have the statement ready and the process was easy and convenience for me.
* I was ordered a specific design of debit card and when I filled in the form it was very user friendly and the card arrived in time.
* I am also using online banking through internet and I use it to pay or transfer money, all of my online transaction has been success and it’s very easy to use also very safe.
3. Well-organized office lay out (physical evidence)
* I am also impressed with the layout when we can easily go to the teller or customer service and it organized really well.
* The desk for us to fill in the form before go to tellers is very clean and the ballpoint always on. It seems little thing however for me a ballpoint that always ready is important to start a transaction.
If there were any recommendation for Capital One will be to update its furniture and employee’s uniform to give modern feeling for customer and compete with other banks.

Weak service at Flushing Hotel
Service in hospitality industry is very important because basically other than rooms and food, service is one of the core service that hotel provides to their customer. The number of star in a hotel determine by its facilities that available and its service that provided. Flushing Hotel in New York gave me bad service experiences while I was staying there with my family for several reasons:
1. Rude Attitude (people)
* We arrived at the hotel at 1 PM and there was no receptionist at the front desk. I had to shout to call anyone twice before someone showed up and said that the receptionist still having lunch and we were forced to wait.
* The receptionist finally showed up after 15 minutes waiting and her attitude was a bit rude without any smile or apology for keeping us waiting.
* The room cleaner knocked at our door and ask us can he clean the room while we were still inside the room.
* I was complaining about the cleanness of the bed sheet in my room however the responds were I had to make sure again because she believe that everything already cleaned.

2. Long Wait (Process)
* We...

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