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Journal Entry Option: Interview With Ji 1

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Journal Entry option: Interview with JI
By: Oluwaseun Obajolu
PGCC, Child Development
Dr. Dawn Wadud


It was a rare encounter, a friendship that developed through a chat room over the internet. Even though Felicia and I had been in the same nursing class for about 6 months, let’s just say we never noticed ...view middle of the document...

Like most first pregnancies in a marriage, Junior’s conception was definitely great and pleasant news for the whole family especially for mom, Felicia. She started to bond with her little miracle right from the first positive home pregnancy test all through the entire 9 months. Prenatal Doctors appointments and Multivitamins were in tow and never late or missed, she was practically obsessed with this baby right from utero. Junior was born at 38 weeks; he weighed 7lbs 5 ounces and was 22inches which was within normal percentile. As stated in the Child development text by John W.Santrock
"The average North American newborn is 20inches and weighs 71/2 pounds. Ninety-five percent of full term newborns are 18 to 22 inches long and weigh between 51/2 and 10 pounds” (pg 119)
Junior’s growth and development went well and according to the stages of development except for when he didn’t talk at about 18 months as he should, this got Mom very worried, a lot of people tried to allay her worries by promising he was just a late bloomer and would eventually talk. When Junior turned 2, Felicia sought professional help and after much diagnostic tests, he was diagnosed with Autism…….
Fast forward 6 years later, Junior’s physical development was assessed through observations, Motor Skills were tested by observing skills like walking down the steps
using alternating feet, running with control and lastly watching him cut pieces of paper with a pair of scissors specifically testing fine motor skills. He was able to accomplish all tasks appropriately without any deficits noted to physical development noted.

Session Two.
Cognition and Language.
For the second session of this amazing process, I wanted to observe Junior during a one on one interaction, so I offered to watch him after school rather than Grandma, so we could both have an opportunity to bond while carrying out my assessment as comfortably as possible.
The first and most important observation during this session was Junior’s attention span, though Santrock explained in his book that children are able to pay attention to only a limited amount of information, they are also able to allocate their attention in different ways. However, Junior exhibited mostly Divided attention, which involves concentrating on more than one activity at the same time, this type of attention span is very characteristic of children diagnosed with Autism, so he needed constant redirection during the entire interview and observation process.
I determined Junior was in the Concrete Operational stage of development, at this stage of development, a child’s thought processes become organized and integrated with one another. Also at the concrete operational stage, children are able to understand the concept of conversation, they are able to understand that changes in the form of an object


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