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Journal Entry Of A Native Americans

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Journal Entry of a Native American

Journal Entry of a Native American
The Cherokee tribes are of a proud heritage that consists of many beautiful cultural traditions. We have found that the earliest contact from European explorers was in the 16th century. We were identified than as being socially and culturally advanced within the Native American tribes. The Cherokee tribes prospered for hundreds of years in the southeastern area of the United States before our first initial contact with Europeans. The Cherokee society and culture grew in developing, progressing, and embracing all of the better cultural aspects the Europeans brought with them. We had formed a government and society ...view middle of the document...

We soon became the hub of regional activity for business and the center for cultural activity. Our new capital Tahlequah and Park Hill were the center for these happenings. We had implemented a new constitution in September of 1839 and the Cherokee Advocate became the first newspaper in Indian Territory in 1844. It was written in both Cherokee and English and was the first time Native American language was ever published. We even had the first periodical/magazine published called The Cherokee Messenger.

The Cherokee were not the only Native Americans who suffered from conflicts waged where the principle purpose was to acquire the resources from the Native Americans, we all had become subordinate racial groups. Land was taken, lives were lost, and numerous hardships imposed through wars, massacres, imposition of treaties, and forced displacement like the Trail of Tears. This was hard to understand for the Cherokee and the other tribes who had lived on the North American continent for at least 20,000 years. (Mann, 2006, c2005, reference number 10)

It was in 1849 that the Choctaws in Mississippi described their situation that came into their lives where their homes were torn apart and burned, their fences were destroyed, and cattle let go in fields. Our Native Americans had also been cursed, shackled, confined and personally abused until, in some cases, death. Joseph B. Cobb was a horrible man who came to Mississippi from Georgia, and talked about the Choctaw as having “no nobility or virtue at all.” He had gone so far as to say that he found native Africans to be far superior to the red man in every way including motivation and knowledge. Even though the native Africans were treated as subordinates as well, he considered those even worse than the African slaves were the Choctaw and Chickasaw, to him Indians were beneath contempt. (Hudson, 1971, reference number 13)

The stereotyped perceptions of the Native Americans were that they were merciless Indian savages, (which was stated in the United States Declaration of Independence) regardless of the successful American efforts at civilization as proven with the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and Choctaw. From the first two years of the California gold rush there were thousands of deaths for the Native Americans. Indians were subjected to de facto...

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