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Jordans Work Essay

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TDA 2.1: Child and young person development.



0 – 3 Years

Physical Development
New born babies are very limited to the movement and have very little control over their bodies. They rely on movement through reflexes but as they begin to get older they begin to develop crawling, sitting, grabbing, pointing, running rolling, hopping and jumping. As children begin to reach 2years there movement should become more controlled as they hit the age of 3 children should be able to develop some motor skills that will include activities such as painting, colouring and drawings. They should be able to figure out they can hold things and do things on their own.

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This will allow children to develop new skills this could include cutting, writing, drawing and making things in arts and crafts.

Communication and intellectual development
Due to children finding their full identities at this point children will become more social, due to them being able to string along a lot of sentences children at this age will want to know a lot by asking questions be able to use their imaginations. They will begin to get guidance from parents and learn how to read.

Social, emotional and behavioural development
Children will begin to interact with more people at this age and will begin to use their imagination to interact and play games with people. Parents need to show children at this age what is right and wrong, so parents can stamp down boundaries so children become aware when their imagination is not always right. Children at this age will become to get more frustrated with themselves and parents as they may feel the adult is telling the child off a lot more therefore the child may become more emotional and less sociable.

7 – 12 Years

Physical Development
Children will begin to gain and choose hobbies at this age which may include sports, dance, drama and music. Children will continue to develop their skills they have gained as they begin to grow up, as girls hit the ages of 10 – 11 they will start puberty whilst boys are often slightly later.

Communication and intellectual development
As children begin to get older this age group will be in school now therefore they will be able to speak in sentences as they can speak fluent language, children will be able to transfer information and think for themselves. Children will be able to use their childhood imagination and develop their skills as most children will be learning to write sentences and work on hand writing skills.

Social, emotional and behavioural development
At this age children will begin to form friendships with people at school, and will become more aware of what people around them are saying. Socially children will begin to hang round in groups with their friends however this can become emotional of a child if they feel their friend is being nasty or isn’t playing nicely. This can cause a child to have behavioural problems such as bullying and child may become physical and push their friends more due to friends not playing and this can cause children to fall out with friends which can become emotional.

12 – 16 Years

Physical Development
As mentioned before the boys often tend to start later than girls when it comes to puberty and by this age boys will begin to develop puberty whilst many girls will be completing their puberty process having regular periods due to the puberty starting boys and girl height will vary.

Communication and intellectual development
Young people will begin to select what GCSE’s they want to take before taking their exam’s before moving on to A Levels or College to gain...

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