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Jordan Bank Essay

667 words - 3 pages

Total Quality Management

Investigating the Effect of Total Quality Management Practices on Organizational Performance in the Jordanian Banking Sector

Rawan Al-Ettayyem

International Business Research
Vol. 8, No. 3; 2015
Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education

Jaffrey Daniel (1527009)
Kailash Nandan S R (1527012)
Rakul (1527023)
The aim of this study is to examine the effect of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices (customer satisfaction, education and training, continuous improvement, teamwork, and top management commitment) on organizational performance (financial and non-financial) in the Jordanian banking sector. The banking sector is the ...view middle of the document...

The researcher developed a questionnaire after reviewing various references to serve the research purpose.

The researcher posted (250) questionnaires distributed randomly (by hand) to 11commercial banks in Jordan. Only (230) were viable. Twenty questionnaires were invalid for analysis and were excluded, so the total response approximately was (92%). The researcher used a five - points scale in which 1=strongly agree, 2= agree, 3= neither agree nor disagree, 4= disagree and 5= strongly disagree.

Reliability and Validity

Validity refers to the accuracy of an assessment, the ability of a scale or measuring instrument to measure what it is intended to measure. It allows the researchers to determine if the items on an assessment target their goal or not, after preliminary designing of the questionnaire, the related questions have been studied in several steps, and examined from the point of being understandable, relevant to the test’s objective and omission of the irrelevant questions through consulting people and experts as well as taking comments from the advising professors, the questionnaire was valid enough as for the contents after effecting the required modifications.

Major findings
The purpose of this paper was to study the...

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