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Johnson & Johnson Professional Communications Proposa

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Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis of professional communications of Johnson & Johnson, a large multinational pharmaceutical company. The purpose of this paper is to respond to feedback obtained during the Fiscal Year 2015 Employee Satisfaction Survey. During this survey employees were asked to react to questions pertaining to professional communications trends in their offices. They were asked questions about inter-office communications, how they are assigned tasks, satisfaction with their careers and positions as well as questions about the state of business ethics in Johnson & Johnson and problem areas they were able to identify in domestic and international ...view middle of the document...

Effective Professional Communication is vital to the success and survival of any large company. Recent data from our 2015 Employee Satisfaction Survey shows that our mid-level managers and entry level employees feel dissatisfied with the level of communication from their chains of command. This data directly correlates with the decline in production, sales and efficiency we saw through the 2015 Fiscal Year. In creating this proposal, it is necessary to first define the problems with the current Professional Communication model being implemented and explain why a change is needed.
Poor workplace communication can be extremely detrimental to efficiency, product quality and employee morale. “As in any relationship, communication is key to a strong business relationship. This can be the relationship between business and customer, or, equally as important, the internal relationships among different employees within the company. Communication can be improved in virtually every workplace, no matter the industry or size. After all, it is the only way for information to effectively spread throughout the business so that everybody can be informed to the degree that they required to properly achieve their goals” ( One of the major trends from the Employee Satisfaction Survey was the majority of employees feeling like they did not have the proper amount of information required to successfully complete their tasks and produce a quality product for their supervisors. This is a concerning trend because it means that there is a disconnection between supervisors, mid-level management and the employees. “Among the most trying elements of poor communication in today’s workplace is a lack of information for the proper accomplishment of the tasks necessary within the business. Even in today’s information overload society, employees often lack the information they need to do their jobs. They may have the data that they require from external supplies, however, it is the information that their supervisors and co-workers have, but have not properly shared, that remains unsaid. Frequently, this poor communication is a result of the fact that the people with the information are still processing it themselves, and haven’t distanced themselves enough from the problem to discover that there are other people around them who will also be requiring that information” ( These issues in communication may cause many additional problems. “Lack of communication in the workplace can occur on a large scale, such as between management and employees, as well as on a smaller scale between individual employees. Failure to communicate effectively often leads to conflict, which can harm an organization. Poor communication can create conflict in a number of ways”...

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