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Johnson Beverage, Inc Essay

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| | |Johnson Beverage, Inc. (JBI) | | |
| | | | | | |
|Area of Activities |Amount ($) |Number of Activity |Activity Rate ...view middle of the document...

60 |$14.90 |$15.19 |$15.15 |$15.00 |
|Number of cases |80,000 |80,000 |8,000 |30,000 |800,000 |
|Number of orders |16 |40 |20 |30 |500 |
|Miles traveled per Deliveries |5 |19 |11 |4 |10 |
|Number of Deliveries |110 |400 |200 |230 |4,480 |
|Miles of Deliveries |550 |7,600 |2,200 |920 |44,800 |
|Number of expedited deliveries |10 |250 |130 |90 |2,500 |
|Number of sales visits |12 |25 |18 |9 |360 |
| | | | | | |
|Area of Activities |Saver Superstore |Oscar's OddLots |Midwellen Supermarket |Downtown Retail |Total for JBI |
|Product handling |$67,200 |$67,200 |$6,720 |$25,200 |$672,000 |
|Taking orders from customers |$3,200 |$8,000 |$4,000 |$6,000 |$100,000 |
|Delivering the product |$1,719 |$23,750 |$6,875 |$2,875 ...

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