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Johnny Blue Essay

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Johnny blue

1. What do we learn about Johnny Blue in the first three paragraphs?

In the first three paragraphs of the story we learn that Johnny Blue does not care if a person has black or white skin, he is feared by all the other school kids, he is not afraid to fight and is very protective of his mother.

2. What do we learn about the narrator in the first three paragraphs?

We learn that the narrator has black skin and gets a lot of trouble because of this. We also learn that the narrator has moved to the town with his mother, his father is soon to be out of from prison.

3. Copy the simile (comparison between two things using words ‘like’ or ‘as’) in paragraph four. What image of the houses does this simile create in your mind?
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He also knows that after the sports days people that are normal mean to him try to ‘suck up’ to him because they know they were wrong about him.

5. What message is conveyed about Johnny Blue when he says “You buggers let the kid alone and fight me”?

Johnny blue knows that the narrator can’t win the fight and that he can. Johnny does this because he knows the kids will leave the narrator alone so Johnny can try to get to know him better.

6. Why does the narrator get beaten by Mr Ackland?

The narrator is called into Mr Ackland’s office where he can smell the alcohol on Mr Acklands breath. The narrator assumes that he will again be beaten by his principle so he tries to prevent it by saying to Mr Ackland: “If you hit me, I’m gonna get my old man onto you when he comes ‘ome next week” This makes Mr Ackland very angry and results in the narrator being beaten.

7. Explain how and why he reacts differently to Mr Ackland and Johnny after the beating.

The narrator is in a lot of pain after being beaten by Mr Ackland and when he is returning to Johnny he tries to hide what happened because he knows that Johnny will get into a lot of trouble if he tries to confront Mr Ackland.

8. Why was Johnny Blue expelled?

Johnny Blue was expelled because after hearing about what Mr Ackland did to the narrator he went to his office and got into a fight with Mr Ackland.

9. Explain Johnny’s plan in your own words.

After killing his father in self defence Johnny has a plan use a couple of barrels as a raft and get to the other side of the river where he can then stay at his family’s house to hide out. Getting across the river is very important because Johnny thinks that the police will soon be looking for him and they want look on the other side of the river until tomorrow, giving him some time to hideout at his family’s house.

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