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John P. Parker Essay

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His Promised Land: The Autobiography of John P. Parker, Former Slave And Conductor on the Underground Railroad.

When we think of the conductors of the Underground Railroad many think of Harriet Tubman and her only, but if we study history carefully we will find out that she is not the only conductor worth mentioning. John P. Parker has to be one of the most underappreciated figures not only in African American history but American history in general. If everyone was aware of this true American hero’s story, without question he would be a household name. The autobiography of John P. Parker is very well written and will have any reader on the edge of their seat throughout the entire book. ...view middle of the document...

In Cincinnati he would have his first experience helping runaways get their freedom when he helped a local barber by rescuing his family from slavery. This was the first of many successful rescue missions.
The next theme we will talk about will be cleverness. Mr. Parker was so clever that he could easily avoid authority as well as slave owners and even managed to convince a widow to purchase him from his master for $1,800 and was able to purchase his freedom from the widow in just 18 months by working in the iron foundry. John Parker was a very brilliant and clever man that lived a double life. By day he would work as an iron molder and by night he would take slaves across the Ohio River. He was a brilliant inventor with patents to a sugar mill, tobacco press, and soil pulverizer. Parker was a terrific businessman also. He was the owner of a foundry and blacksmith shop at a time when many black businesses were failing.
The final theme that we will cover will be bravery. John Parker was very heroic and resilient. For almost fifteen years John Parker helped slaves escape to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. The dangers of getting caught helping slaves escape include jail time or even death. A good example of...

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