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John Mayer Live At Beacon Thetre

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Stephen Boyle
John Mayer
Beacon Theatre New York, NY
11/17/2009 9pm.
Alternative/Pop Rock

My first concert report is on a recording of John Mayer live at the Beacon Theatre. His first song of the performance is Heartbreak Warfare. With heavy bass lines, steady drums backbeat and great lyrics this was a great song to start the show with. With U2 like guitar sounds I get lost in this song when I hear it especially a live version. The lyrics just call out to me and hit me on a personal level because I too have had many issues in my relationships and these lyrics fit perfect to a particular past relationship I had. “Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again” “Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain”, is my favorite line for personal reasons.
His next act is Vultures which is a good song and he interacts with the crowd by letting them ...view middle of the document...

I like the line the guitarist gets in the song; he had a gospel feel in his vocals. To top the song off he has this perfect break down towards the end of the song. Only he and the back-up vocalist are singing with light instrumental and he adds the lines “how wrong you were about me, oh how wrong you are”.
Next he played “Why Georgia” on acoustic guitar he started solo but the band joined in through the third progression of the song. In between his next song is a drum solo by Steve Jordan. It is a good basic drum solo with a strong beat being the emphasis over virtuosity. I like this because even though they are a band backing a solo artist he still gets a solo as do other musicians before the end of the show.
In the middle of his next song “Waiting on the world to change” he gives a shout out to the fighting men and women of our military as the band just repeats the same jazz riff under him. Before his next song “Free Falling” which is a cover originally by Tom Petty, he jokes around about their being commercials because it was broadcasted live on television. Acoustic and solo he put on a good cover that he has done before and a great song of course a classic by the great Tom Petty. The next song “No such thing” was solo and acoustic as well that has a great chord progression.
His next few songs have almost a jazz like feel especially the set and the lighting effect and almost all of them have an awesome guitar solo by him in it. Appose to the blues feel and style the new songs definitely had more of a jazz feel. This concert was aired live on fuse network the day his last studio album Battle Studies was released. A lot of many people consider him a pop act and I am usually not that big a fan of modern pop and I usually love all music. But John Mayer does it for me, he has lyrics I can relate to, virtuous guitar solos for me to jam to and even a joke or two in between songs. I would recommend anyone seeing him, I know I will be next time he comes around.

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