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John Lennon Essay

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“Imagine” by John Lennon, released in 1971, was one of the most influential, and important songs of the last 50 years. This track was viewed as his final statement on religion after many years of confusing mixed signals (WND). Lennon constantly calls upon the power of Imagery to appoint his ideas throughout the song, hence the title. Imagery is the formation of figures, ideas, and mental images through diction ( Many of the ideas Lennon creates are supported, and even inspired by real life events. In John Lennon's “Imagine”, he uses the power of Imagery and applicable real life events to portray an idealistic Utopia.
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To begin, as Vietnam steams forward, and as the fatality count rises, anti-war sentiment does the same (Murrell). Some would consider Lennon crazy for stating something so contentious in a time of chaos. The anti-war group in America, or hippies responded positively to this aspect of the song (Shmoop). They believe that death is redundant, and war should never take place. While this is a great way to look at life, it's simply not realistic. The soldiers of course would have responded negatively toward these lyrics. Anyone who is fighting for their nation wouldn’t want to be discredited by some hippie with a piano. However, once again this isn't what Lennon was trying to say. He is expressing a world where there is no murder or sin, where people can live without worry and vexation. In a world as described, there would be no need for countries, war, and death. This idea also broadens Lennon's image of a no-religion world. If there was no sin, there would be no need for a greater power in which people would come crying for forgiveness. This greatly bolsters Lennon's use of imagery and real-life events to convey his Utopia.
The third stanza of the song is the chorus. Lennon says that he is not the only person who feels this way, and has these ideas. He states that if these ideas are acted upon “the world will live as one”. This line practically summarizes everything Lennon wants and is singing for. Everything Lennon imagines throughout the song is relevant to his Utopia. His ultimate goal through this song is to help others realize what he is saying, and in the end, make them reality. The fourth and final stanza packs a lot of information and opinions into six short lines. As expected, he begins once again by requesting you to open...

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