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John Gotti Essay

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__________PREVIEW________________ Name and student number (print clearly) MATH1013A 3.0 Time: 45 minutes Value:100 Test no. 2 Preview F2013 No calculators or written material allowed.

Attempt as many questions as you please. Maximum is 100. Part marks will be awarded for relevant and correct intermediate work. While the focus on this test is Ch.3, you must know material in Ch.1 and Ch.2. It is not sensible to expect to do well with Ch.3 while being unfamiliar with earlier material. It is the nature of mathematics where one topic builds on an earlier one. §3.10 & §3.11 are not examinable. [Note: While it ...view middle of the document...

In the following I will attempt to give a flavour of how some questions may be worded.] There will be 4 questions of equal weight, drawn from various topics. It is entirely possible that a topic found in the text but not appearing below may appear in your test, i.e. what appears below does not constitute an exhaustive list of examinable topics. 5 possible questions are presented below. lim trig expression involving a&h Q. a) If a and b are constants, evaluate h→0 trig expression involving b&h A correct answer without detailed reasoning will be given little merit. b) Something involving related rates. Q. Obtain the derivative of the following functions, and simplify as far as possible: … functions not shown…say two different part questions involving log, exponential, trig, quotient, etc… Something involving implicit differentiation: a) b) Q. Q. Evaluate
dy dx


where x and y are related by a relationship

Evaluate y’ where x and y are related by a more challenging relationship

a) Something involving Intermediate Value Theorem. b) A trickier limit question involving trig. Several part questions on material covered in Test 1 may be revisited here, either because they didn’t get asked in Test 1 or because they were asked in Test 1 and done poorly by the student body as a whole. END OF TEST PREVIEW

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