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Joe Turner's Come And Gone Essay

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Joe Turner's Come and Gone Response Paper
I think that I most relate with Bertha’s character. I like how she was always the voice of reason and gave people advice. She saw the good in people and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. Even though Bertha’s husband Seth did not understand the other men in the boardinghouse, his wife Bertha tried to. Bertha tried to calm her husband down when he was ...view middle of the document...

I am definitely like Bertha when it comes to friends and strangers. I always try to give people a chance before I judge them. I am always there for my friends if they need me and give them advice. I especially give great advice to my female friends about men just as Bertha did with Mattie. Bertha says, “And I wouldn't waste my time fretting over Jeremy either. I seen it coming. I seen it when she first come here. She that kind of woman run off with the first man got a dollar to spend on her. Jeremy just young. He don't know what he getting into” (Act 2, Scene 3). Bertha is trying to tell Mattie that Jeremy is young and he does not know what he wants so Mattie should just leave him alone. Bertha ends up being right because when Molly comes to the boardinghouse Jeremy’s interests move to her instead. This shows just how unstable and confused Jeremy is and Bertha tries to warn Mattie but she does not listen. Mattie ends up running after Herald. I am much like Bertha in giving my friends advice and they do not listen to it and it ends up backfiring on them in the end.

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