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Joe Louis Essay

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Joe Louis was a man of great stature, a role model, and, for his time, he was what the black community needed him to be. It is nearly impossible to take the character of today’s athletes, like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, and compare them to the reflection of boxer Joe Louis. Joe Louis began his credible journey on June 19, 1936 during the times when America was struggling with racial equality he won his first of 27 fights. However, having a black heavyweight champion meant the black community would move upward and be successful and just as productive as white America.
Although Joe Louis was not the first black heavyweight champ, he was still highly favored amongst his people and intended to execute the necessary duties to deliver a message demanding equal ...view middle of the document...

Joe Louis’ defeat represented African American defeat entirely. When he went down “all of the hopes, the dreams, the desires and the beliefs of equality went out in one single evening with one single fight,” says Louis’ son, Joe Louis Barrow Jr. A year later after properly training with the same weight of the black community on his back he earned his title against James Braddock for heavyweight champion. Just to imagine the country in the 1930s elated and rejoicing over black victory in a boxing ring as a symbol for racial equality is quite powerful. When Louis defeated Schmeling the second time around and became a true American hero. This victory sent the message to Germany that they did not have the master race. Not just blacks rejoiced in favor of Joe Louis but all of America, including whites, praised him.
The talk of the town, the American dream, and heavyweight champion are all titles Joe Louis bore. He made several accomplishments outside of the ring as well like enlisting in the United States army and donating two fight purses, or earnings, to two different charities. He paved the way for future civil rights activists like Jackie Robinson and Barak Obama. Today he opened doors to lead African Americans to innovative ways of success.
The American hero was what the black community needed Louis to be and he followed suit. His powerful influence throughout the country and in the boxing ring brought hope. Even today that flow continues connecting the dots between Louis and Obama for modern day comparisons. Times have changed tremendously over several decades and when referring to inspirational leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Barak Obama, we must always mention Joe Louis.

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