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Job Security Essay

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“Job security” is the most important characteristic and according to the person I have interviewed, “working independently” is the least important characteristic.
The characteristic gave the person greatest satisfaction is the “chances for promotion” and the least satisfaction is the “little job stress”.
In fact, compare to the researched responses, the subject’s scores are quite different from the “answer” sheet.
Important: In the interview, the person mentioned that the career is dependent upon how well the economy does because the work is based on the client’s business. You can always find work in marketing companies of all sizes—big and small—who are looking for people with ...view middle of the document...

Least satisfaction: is the “little job stress”. Stress is believed that could be found everywhere. As a retail sales coach, he needs to take more responsibility for the retailers’ mistakes. This makes such settle overwhelmed with stress and pressure.
Exploration of difference
Compare to the Answer sheet, the subject’s scores are quite different. In fact, there are many reason could lead the answer difference.
First of all, job property is the most important term which could make the subject’s score different from the sheet. Job property is consisted of many different components such as personality, industry field, and many other factors. Most of the time, these factors could influence job satisfaction and working motivation. Job satisfaction is defined often by the right proportion of what employees’ output and what finally paying off from work corresponds. Job satisfaction represents employees’ emotional reaction and working motivation for the situation in the working places. People can see it in different ways, it could only be experienced. This could be the main reasons that John Patterson gives different answers from the “answer sheet” In addition, what people observed could affect on feeling and towards affect on the attitudes on their job. Many organizational factors may be involved which refers to reword system, the nature of work contributes, supervisory behavior, and working conditions. In this sense, all these organizational factors are related with one significant term that we call it “lead style”. It plays a crucial role in any organizations and creates a context in which the status quo is challenged. Therefore, the relationship between lead style and job satisfaction is tight. How to motivate employees, how to make out job satisfaction and reward management are most of the most important component in the functioning of an organization.
Interview the employee:
John Patterson: Retail Filed Coach, direct 6477722089. 207Queen’s Quay West, Suite 710 Toronto, ON M5J 1A7
Discovers from analysis
Job satisfaction is caused by individual disposition which refers many organizational factors. It may reflect stale underlying disposition which might be genetically determined. It becomes one of the key parameters which we use for the assessment of work and organization. For example, work design or organizational climate, would be questionable. Instead, based on the trait-like character of job satisfaction, one would tend to follow the suggestions to use individuals’ job...

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