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Job Portfolio Essay

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Job Portfolio for food server position at Best Western Hotel
Ina D.

Abstract The presented job portfolio is for a food server position at the restaurant of Best Western San Diego. The portfolio present the staffing planning involved for the food server position. The food server position is customer service oriented and this represents an important aspect of the person/job and person/match. A job analysis presenting the duties, KSAOs, ...view middle of the document...

10 Initial assessment methods………………………………………………….. 11 Training and development…………………………………………………... 13 References…………………………………………………………………… 14
Appendix A –Matrix………………………………………………………… 15
Appendix B – Sample Interview Questions………………………………… 16


Best Western restaurant staffing Staffing involves policies and procedures used by organizations to recruit and select employees. Best Western expects to increase the occupancy of the hotel with 30% for the pick vacation season June-September 2011. The Restaurant will be hiring a full time server position. He will remain at full time position, when the summer season is due the fact that one of the servers is expected to be transfer to a different department after September 2011. Staffing Quality Person job and person organization match The nature of our business, the Hospitality Industry, requires that our employees demonstrate a positive attitude at all times to our customers and fellow employees. Being both friendly and helpful will go a long way toward demonstrating a positive attitude. The nature of the food server work requires a customer service orientation and probably the most important part of the person job match. Best Western is a first class hotel and its employees need to show positive attitude, and give professional service. A good person/organization match requires the right philosophy of employee participation, team work and customer service.

Job requirement Job Analysis ...

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