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Job Interview Essay

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Penicillin is an antibiotic that destroys bacteria by destroying the cell wall of the microorganism. It does this by inactivating an enzyme necessary for the cross linking of bacterial cell walls. The enzyme is known as the Tran peptidase. It accepts the penicillin as a substrate, it the alkanolates a nucleophilic oxygen of the enzyme, rendering it inactive. Cell wall construction stops and the bacteria soon die. The antibiotic nature of the penicillin so due to the strain lactam ring, on opening the ring strain is relieved this makes penicillin more reactive than ordinary amides.
Before penicillin a simple pinprick or tiny cut could have been lethal. There are so many people easily ...view middle of the document...

Lysozyme was found to be useless against harmful diseases. Because of this unless finding, Fleming’s colleagues thought his penicillin finding was just another dead end discovery. Fleming’s consistency and creativity allowed the Russians to use lysozyme for preserving caviar. Using scientific reasoning, scientific thought and the components of creativity that helped scientist finally isolate penicillin. Scientist also realized that in a world of controlled experiments, chance is seldom acknowledge as a contributing factor in important discoveries. The discovery of penicillin is one example of rare exceptions.
The scientific method is typically known for its orderliness and control, in fact, we are taught that without these characteristics, experimental research may yield invalid results. Therefore, chance should play little or no role in the process of the scientific method (Chance and method; by: Fran Slowiczek, Ed. D.I and Pamela M. Peters, PhD) History has taught us some chance discoveries have led to startling new ideas that eventually directed important further scientific investigation of natural phenomena. In the late 1800, bacteriologists and microbiologist set out to identify substances with therapeutic potential. One of the greatest...

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