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Job Discription Essay

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Title: Assistant Manager, Credit Control Department: SME, Consumer Banking
Current incumbent: Eishita Alam Grade: 8
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Date: 16th August, 2009

Reports Directly to: Senior Manager, Credit Policy and Risk Management, SME, Consumer Banking
Reports Indirectly to: VC Country Risk Manager, SME, Consumer Banking


To assess lending applications as per PPG and review relating to discretionary lending. To recommend whether the loan can be granted and to conduct research and analysis related to lending applications and reviews as required.


Direct Reports: Credit Policy Analyst, Small Business
Indirect Reports: None
Authorities: As per Delegation of Authority (DOA). The jobholder has the authority to take decisions on credit related issues within authority level. Refers to Senior ...view middle of the document...

Conduct periodic credit reviews on loan accounts held within Credit Centre to ensure accounts are in order and as approved.

5. Develop and introduce new and innovative credit measures to improve quality of portfolio such as negative checks, simplification of credit process to ensure workflow consistency within credit approvals and high portfolio standards throughout consumer banking.

6. Responsible for trend analysis on the portfolio to provide timely feedback to the management.

Continuous interface with all Branch Managers, Personal Financial Consultants, Sales Team Managers, Sales Managers/Officers and Credit Operations.

Contact Point Verification (CPV) Agencies


• Building a quality credit portfolio which is profitable, efficient and supplements business growth.
• Communicate with initiation sources to improve product knowledge and as a result the quality of loan applications.


• Sound knowledge of documentation, credit process and risk assessment criteria.
• Sound understanding of the process flows to carry out necessary re engineering activities to streamline operation.
• Strong interpersonal skills to manage internal relationships.
• Good educational background preferably Masters Degree with 2 years banking experience.
• Sound knowledge of credit product, bank procedures/related policies, banking practices/regulations, retail products.
• Service focused and a team player.
• Effective written and oral communication in both Bengali and English.
• Must have basic PC-skills, which includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
• Strong quantitative skill to assess lending applications.

Performance will be assessed on those areas set out in the annual performance objectives.

In addition, this job description should be read in conjunction with the Management Manual maintained by Group Credit and Compliance & the Group Code of Conduct. The manual defines responsibilities for establishing, maintaining and implementing the Group’s high level systems and controls.

Group Policies, Standards and Procedures are to be followed at all times.

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